What do Owls Eat? What do Types of Owls Eat

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What do owls eat is a frequently asked question however very few people know about the owl diet in the wild. The feeding of owls comes from taking lives of other innocent animals since they are ‘built for the kill’ birds.

What do Owls Eat?

There is a long list of animals that become victim to the owls like young bugs, earthworms, crabs, snails, wolf, weasel, herons, indigenous dogs, snakes, bobcats, spiders, common marine animals like fishes, other birds and various reptiles and amphibians as well. Thus, now you can have a fair idea about what do owls eat even so the primary diet plan is for the most part is dependent upon the peculiar owl species.

Diet of Different Types of Owls

Different types of owls have different diet. As such, Barn Owls feed on little mouse and voles whereas Screech Owls usually gobble young bugs in their diet. Likewise, Eagle Owls usually go after juvenile fox, hare and perhaps some other birds too. When it comes to marine animals, Asian and African Owls are highly trained in catching fish for their meal. Nevertheless, there are certain owls too that do not require any special kind of foodstuff and you may not be able to recognize as what do that type of owls eat because they feed on almost anything that enters into their territory.

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owl feeding - What do owls eat
What do owls eat

By and large, owls eat hairy animals as a rule, including mouse, mole, rabbit and squirrel. These animals are more susceptible to owls because of the fleece over them. Besides, some of the other important ingredients that make up for the diet of owls are lizard, spider, frog and various little natural worlds. Not only that, owls baffles most of us by their hunting techniques and more often than not they murder animals having similar size as that of owls themselves.

Owls are great hunters and kill their prey from faraway. However, one study revealed that one of the preferred foods for owls present in USA are definitely young bugs and rodents. They gulp down their victim as a whole and without crushing them. They possess very powerful muscles inside their abdomen and so absorb the claws of the prey easily. Afterwards, these indigestible fragments are converted into little spheres known as owl pellets and finally come out while coughing. Few researchers delved into what do owls eat and they came up with the conclusion that few propelled mouse cranium or perhaps beetle’s legs. The owl catches its victim through the feet and if the victim is still found breathing, it fractures its neck through a speedy hit.

Last but not the least; one of the last feeding resorts for owls is to feed on other owls to fulfill their desire for food.

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