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Birdsflight.com is blog dedicated to all those who are passionate about Birds and every thing related to it. The main objective of this site is to gather everything that is related to birds
and provide a NEST of information based on true facts and figures. 

We are Passionate about Birds

We are passionate about Birds and we like to share our passion with all those who admire this lovely creature of nature. We want to tweet everything about them and start the chirping with our audience. We want to soar as high as possible and want to make this fascinating flight as interesting as possible. We love them– we like them — and we consider them an important part of our life. We want to protect them so that our coming generations can enjoy their mornings with their soothing sounds. Our skies bloom with them and their presence provoke a sense of delicacy and innocence. Join us and be part of us.We welcome every type of suggestions, articles and participation from all of our viewers. So come and fly with us. Feel free to contact any time:

Email: freelancersplatform(at)gmail(dot)com

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  • interesting information you have encountered.
  • your experience with your pet.
  • what you feel about this wonderful flying creature.
  • photos and videos.
  • questions you have in your mind.

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You will find almost everything that is related to birds. From their biological definitions to movies about them,  games, quotes, cartoons, videos, amazing species, pictures, ring-tones, mobile apps, books, pet tips, buying tips, rare species, latest news etc etc.

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Contact us and provide feedback and suggestion to our email address: freelancersplatform(at)gmail(dot)com