Wedge tailed Eagle Facts – Wedge tailed Eagle Diet

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This article illustrates essential Tasmanian wedge tailed eagle facts. The Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) is by far one of the largest raptors which are endemic to Australia. These birds of prey are commonly found in the New Guinea. They build their habitats on lofty trees and are considered to be the strong territorial birds.

Wedge tailed eagles inhabits all throughout Australia such as New Guinea and Tasmania and they are known to occupy most of the major birds’ habitats. They generally prefer to dwell in the open areas or regions that are often slightly dominated by timber. They are mostly found in the eastern and southern part of Australia.

Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts

  • These dark colored species are 1.04 m (3.4 feet) long even though it varies from 81 – 106 cm (32 – 42 inches).
  • The wingspan of wedge tailed eagles is about 2.27 m (7.4 feet).
  • They have a dark brown plumage and the females weigh about 3 – 5.77 kg (6.6 – 12.7 lb).
  • The weight of the males is about 2 – 4 kg (4.4 – 8.8 lb).
  • They have a wingspan of about 182 – 232 cm (5.97 – 7.61 feet), with the largest wingspan ever recorded was of a Tasmanian female that is 2.84 metres (9.3 feet).
  • The plumage turns out to be darker in color as the bird grows older together with reddish brown wings.
  • Wedge tailed eagles normally fly at a height of 1,800 m (5,900 feet), some are known to fly even higher.
Wedged tailed eagle facts - Wedged tailed eagle
Wedged tailed eagle

Wedge Tailed Eagle Breeding Facts

  • These birds of prey inhabits in Southern and Eastern Australia as well as in New Guinea.
  • These Tasmanian birds build their nests that are 2 – 5 m deep and are 2 – 5 m wider.
  • The females lay 2 eggs and both parents incubate (keeping warm) eggs.
  • The hatching period lasts for 45 days.
  • In the beginning 30 days of the chicks, the male is solely responsible for bringing the food for its mate and chicks.
  • These juveniles remain with their parents for about 6 months and are dependent for their food.

What Do Wedge Tailed Eagles Eat?

These birds of prey predominantly rely on hares, rabbits and carrion for their feed. These preys have recently become the common diet especially in Europe ever since the Europeans arrived. They also eat sheep deer, red kangaroo, mountain goats, and few birds. Like Harris Hawk, these raptors are also known to hunt in groups even though they are solitary birds.

 Wedge Tailed Eagle Facts – Video

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