Flamingo Facts for Kids – Flamingo Behavior & Diet

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Here we have some of interesting flamingo facts for kids. These flamingo facts are about the bird’s species , behavior, diet and its physical appearance. Flamingos are actually the type of wading bird that belongs to the group of genus Phoenicopterus. They are extensively found in different parts of the world such as Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America, and North America. The leading group of about 1 million flamingos has been found in the East Africa.

Flamingo Facts For Kids

I have listed flamingo facts for kids that are as follows:

  1. One of the strange and unique features of flamingos is that they have the ability to stand with one leg and to hide the other leg inside the feathers. By doing so, flamingos can certainly conserve a lot of heat energy to counter the effect of cold-water.
  2. These birds have light pink to the dark red colors.
  3. These are the extrovert birds in that they like to interact socially with other creatures.
  4. Flamingos dwell in the gatherings which can even count to thousands.
  5. Since they generally stay in masses, the predators don’t often get a chance to kill them.
  6. The bond between males and females flamingos is very strong.
  7. Unlike other birds, males and females cooperate to build a nest. Besides, they both are usually present to look after their chicks.
  8. Breeding takes place in the groups of 20 to 50 flamingos.
  9. The females are mainly responsible to point out the exact location of their nests.
  10. Few of the most common habitats of flamingos are big shallow lakes, tidal flats, lagoons, sandy islands, and swamps.
  11. These birds can survive in hot as well as cold temperatures.
  12. These birds weigh up to 3.3 to 9 pounds.
  13. The length of the flamingos is 3.3 to 4.6 feet, depending on the species.
  14. They don’t flap their wings while flying and their speed is about 300 miles per hour.
  15. They tend to spend 20% to 30% of their daily time on cleaning themselves.
  16. Flamingos do not have too many predators.
  17. The average flamingo lifespan is about 25 to 30 years.
  18. Alkaline lakes are the ideal places of flamingos.
  19. These birds are the elegant swimmers.
  20. The wingspan of flamingos measures about 152 cm (60 in).
  21. In captivity these birds can live up to the age of 50 years.
  22. The oldest 75 years old flamingo was found in the Australian zoo.
  23. Apparently it seems as if the mating season of flamingos starts with the rainy season irrespective of any specific season.
  24. They never build nests alone that is to say; flamingos always shape nests when they’re in a colony.
  25. One of the distinctive features of flamingos is that they don’t reiterate food for their chicks like other birds.
  26. They are also known to fall asleep while standing at one leg though there is a little evidence to support the assumption.
  27. Even though they are sociable birds but they don’t like to be approached customarily, especially by humans since they get perturbed.
  28. The size of the brain of flamingo is even smaller than its eye.
  29. The legs of an adult flamingo are greater in comparison to its body.
  30. Their defence is not so strong which they don’t need either, since flamingo can, and do fly in times of danger.
  31. The diameter of the nests is about 11 to 20 inches.
  32. They produce honking and growling voice.
Flamingo Facts for kids - flamingo facts

Flamingo Diet Facts

Flamingo facts about their diet are described as follows:

  1. These birds have distinctive ability to pick up the food from ground or mud-water in that they tend to separate mud from the food they want to eat. The tongue is mainly responsible for doing this kind of act.
  2. The birds eat assimilate blue-green algae.
  3. Flamingos also eat aquatic small insects.
  4. While eating they don’t breathe.

Flamingo Primitive Species

  1. Phoenicopterus croizeti
  2. Phoenicopterus floridanus
  3. Phoenicopterus stocki
  4. Phoenicopterus copei
  5. Phoenicopterus minutus
  6. Phoenicopterus aethiopicus
  7. Phoenicopterus eyrensis

Flamingo Species

According to the sources there are about six flamingo species found so far. Flamingo facts about their species are:

  1. Greater Flamingo
  2. Chilean Flamingo
  3. Lesser Flamingo
  4. James’s Flamingo
  5. Andean Flamingo
  6. American Flamingo

Interesting information about Flamingos

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