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Although peacocks have beautiful plumage but still many people wonder about can peacocks fly? If yes, then how long do peacocks fly in the air? The answer is yes indeed , peacocks can fly. They can easily flutter into the air but only up to a limited gap. Unlike other birds, they cannot prolong their flight but these small drifts are extremely essential in getting rid of deadly killers. As soon as any predator approaches them, they ascend by means of feathers to get to the nearby tree for safety. Besides in the late hours of darkness, if they fancy living on the limb of a tree, they can do so by flying directly on to it. Likewise, peacocks make use of their plumage while landing to the ground.

Can Peacocks Fly – Peacocks Feathers

In actual fact, the peacocks’ flight is usually comprised of various small leaps followed by a final hop at the end. These flight feathers also come in handy while scavenging the foodstuff. The entire plumage comprises of hundreds of different shaded feathers and as the shaft of light strikes them, they gives off shimmering look. There are colossal numbers of tinted marks that are primarily responsible for emitting colors. If you examine these marks in detail, you’ll find out infinitesimal coatings right at the foundation of these marks which are known as lamellae. There are some other birds like humming birds that release different shades from their plumage by using the very system as it is employed in case of peacocks.

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Molting Process – Do Peacocks Fly

In every year within a specific time span, peacocks release a large number of feathers little by little. This method is known as molting and it is not infrequent among other birds too. With the passage of time, plumage can go down and requires the regeneration of some spanking new feathers to substitute the former ones. Not unlike snakes, they also follow the very procedure. Snakes release their worn out skin while peacocks discharge old feathers but in both cases, hormones are in charge for initiating the method of molting. As the peacock releases its gorgeous plumage, many people bank them or use them as a décor because of exciting shades it emanates.

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  1. I used to deliver papers in the middle of the night and at one stop there was a peacock who roosted in a tree at night. No matter how much I prepared the bird always made me jump with its distinctive call. Sometimes the paper did not make it into the box!

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