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Like in the case of penguins, many people are unsure about can flamingos fly in the real world and if yes, then how long do flamingos fly in the air? These are some of the unsettling questions that call for comprehensive answers. Having unique physical appearance as well as feeding techniques, flamingos stand out as the special gift of nature. Well, most of use marvel at the beauty of these birds but very few know exactly about its particular characteristics.

Well, the answer is yes certainly! Flamingos can fly and can speed up to a maximum of 40 miles per hour in the air. However, unlike other birds, they cannot take off hurriedly and demands a lot of effort from them to fly due to which they do not fly too often . In the late hours of darkness, they soar more than 550 kilometers while sailing from one locale to another. Furthermore, they are also fully aware about the potential danger of high flying predators like eagles and therefore, flamingos seek to take wing at higher elevations. They usually fly in great formations and by wriggling their wings relentlessly; these birds are able to sustain their flight .

Can Flamingos Fly

Flamingos Flying – The Initial Flight

The preflight procedure of flamingos bears great resemblance to the airplanes. Unlike helicopters, they need to gather some speed before taking a flight and so they strides out for quite a while followed by the flutter of wings and ultimately hauling themselves up in the air. Besides, in order to generate maximum speed in minimum time span, they tend to bend their skull as well as stretchy neck to the front whereas the feet are allowed to drop back.

Do Flamingos Fly

Flying Flamingos – The landing mechanism

Again while going ashore, they are not unlike the landing of an airliner. Like an airplane takes its two helms out just before landing, flamingos also disembark on their feet and are then carried forward by few further strides to slow down its speed.

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