Where Do Penguins Live – Different Countries and Islands

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Where do penguins live is quite frequently asked question but still majority of the people are unaware about where do penguins live in the wild? Well, the penguins are spread out all over the world. However when it comes to the saturation of penguins in any single region, then certainly the southern hemisphere is the only place where every type of penguin is readily available. Many people believe that penguins are more prone to freezing temperatures which is mainly depicted in the movies too. Nevertheless, in addition to the chilly climate of Antarctica, penguins are also inhabited in the pleasant temperatures of Australia as well as South Africa.

Where do penguins live
Where do penguins live

Where Do Penguins Live

There are 17 different species of penguins sprawled all over the world out of which just 4 species reside on the chilly shoreline of Antarctica (Canada). Because penguins are fond of chilly sea water and also the fact that their entire existence wholly depends upon the deep-sea waters, so they usually live on the shorelines of Antarctica, Australia and South America. Now, you might wonder, where do penguins live on the northern hemisphere? The answer is that absolutely no penguin resides on the northern hemisphere of the world.

Actually, where do penguins live is a serious issue at least for the penguins themselves as they do not want to get eaten away by ground predators. Because of the fact that penguins cannot fly and require those land places where they should avoid land enemies so they seek to go alongside the seashore for their existence. Moreover, penguins have the special ability to swim in the deep waters and they compensate their lack of flying ability with swimming. You’ll be baffled to know that penguins have the ability to swim for about 100 km without a single interval. That is why penguins like to live near the seashore. Generally, the nature has kept the inner body of penguins warm by enveloping it through dense layers of feathers and that’s why they like colder climates.

Names of Countries where penguins live

  1. South Australia
  2. South Africa
  3. South America
  4. New Zealand

Islands and other Regions where penguins are found

penguins in South Georgia
Penguins walking on Andrews Bay in South Georgia
  1. Falkland Islands
  2. Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
  3. Subarctic Islands
  4. Antarctica
  5. South Georgia Island
  6. Chatham Islands
  7. Chile (although few)
  8. South Sandwich Islands
  9. Balleny & Peter Islands
  10. Heard & Macquarie Islands
  11. South Orkneys
  12. Tierra del Fuego
  13. South Shetland
  14. Tasmania
  15. Motunau Island
  16. Coastal Peru
  17. Foveaux Strait & Stewart Island
  18. Snares Islands
  19. Auckland & Campbell Islands
  20. Fiordland coast and Stewart Island/Rakiura
  21. Indian & Pacific Oceans’ shoreline

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  1. What – “just 4 species reside on the chilly shoreline of Antarctica (Canada)” ???????

    You might want a map because last time I checked Antarctica and Canada were at different end of the world.

  2. I came here to say that first of all, Canada isn’t in Antarctica and Canada is in the Northern Hemispherere. . Antarctica is in the Southern Hemisphere. Canada is nowhere near where any penguins live. Also, when you say the four “countries” that penguins live in…those are continents (except for New Zealand, which IS a country). South America is a continent. I also assume that you are talking about the country of South Africa. Geographically, this article is a mess!

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