Do penguins mate for life? In this article I’ve attempted to answer this question with several proofs. Let me explain you some relevant facts about penguins mating and reproduction cycle and how it happens to be different from rest of the birds whether flightless or not. Penguins are primarily known to breed in large colonies except few species such as Yellow-eyed penguins and Fiordland penguins. There may be as much breeding pairs as hundreds or even thousands of individuals in a single colony. This is particularly true in case of Chinstrap Penguins and Macaroni, and King Penguins. One of the main reasons of their greater social interaction is massive gathering in colonies. In general, penguins lay only one brood with the exception of Little Penguin that can lay 2 – 3 broods in one season.

Do Penguins Mate For Life

Depending entirely on species, penguins generally mate for life. These flightless birds form monogamous pairs with the arrival of breeding season even though the rate with which the same pair recouples differs significantly. Nearly all penguins lay 2 eggs in a clutch with the exception of large penguins; king and emperor penguins that only lays one egg. Both males and females share the burden of incubation. Although the penguin’s yolk is too large to be kept in complete safety, they try their level best to keep it under their feathers. The yolk embraces 22% to 31% of the egg. One of the strange penguins behavior is that if a mother’s chick is lost, it attempts to sneak another mother’s chicks which is often difficult as those mothers aren’t necessarily away.

Do Penguins Mate For Life - Penguins with their chicksDo King Penguins Mate For Life

(Do Penguins Mate For Life)

The king penguins begin to breed at the age of 3; however they do not breed then and the first breeding (normally) starts after they reach 6 years of age. These large flightless birds have for the most part one mate for each year, and stay devoted to that mate. Nonetheless, the loyalty percent age is only 29%. The extended breeding cycle may participate to this much low rate. King penguins have one of the longest breeding cycle amongst penguin species which can last for 14 to 16 months. The pairs are believed to breed each year only once. The penguin’s reproductive cycle starts in September to the end of November. While the males march towards the sea for about 3 weeks, females will incubate their pale greenish eggs. The period of incubation lasts for almost 2 months and both parents contribute towards incubation with shifts of 6 – 18 days. King penguins gather in large colonies comprising almost 100,000 individuals in a single colony. The juveniles need further 14 – 16 months before they’d be able to march towards the sea for foraging purposes.

Do Emperor Penguins Mate For Life

(Do Penguins Mate For Life)

With the beginning of Autumn season in Antarctic, most of the penguins head north for warm waters with the exception of emperor penguin. Emperor penguins will head towards south instead to contribute towards incubating, mating, courting and finally nurturing their chicks. During the mating period penguins will do different things. This time the male emperor penguins will bear the burden of hatching eggs and not female. Not only the male will hatch eggs but will also defend it against the predators for about 55 – 60 days.

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