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Most of us perhaps wonder about where do peacocks live in the real world. We might also have had an experience of gazing at these birds in the zoo behind cage but never able to figure out the actual peacocks habitat .

According to a seven-year-old research which was carried out in Japan, the peahens look considerably different from the male’s plumage. However, some other studies reveal out that these plumage differences are too little to be noted. In general, peafowl are regarded as polygamous. They are the only flightless birds that take trees as their roosting place. For the same reason they are not wholly considered as flightless birds.

Where do peacocks Live – Continents

  1. Southeast Asia
  2. Central Africa
  3. Central America

Peacock Habitat

The peacocks generally reside in the dense wooded area having a lot of maple and pine trees, oaks, cedars and many more.

Countries where peacocks live in the wild

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Pakistan
  3. India
  4. Malaysia
  5. China
  6. Egypt
  7. Thailand
  8. Java
  9. Burma
  10. Vietnam
  11. Laos
  12. Cambodia

Now as you are aware about where do peacocks live, now here is some more brief information about this beautiful bird.

Different Types of Peacocks

Even though most people call them peacocks however, these birds are called peafowl because only male peafowl is recognized by the name of peacock.

  1. Blue or Indian Peafowl
  2. Congo Peafowl
  3. Green Peafowl

Facts about Peacocks

  1. Male peafowl are known as peacocks while females are generally called peahens
  2. A peacock which is closely related to phoenix symbolizes immortality. You might want to learn about the Symbolism of Peacock.
  3. Group name of peahens is called Harem whereas in case of peacocks, it’s a party
  4. The weight of peacocks ranges from 1 kilogram to 6 kilograms
  5. The span of wings is almost 63 inches
  6. The maximum age limit is about 20 years
  7. Being polygamous, peacocks do not remain faithful to just one mate

Interesting information about Peacocks

 Peacocks Videos


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