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You may have wondered about where do ostriches live except behind the zoo cage. It is beyond the shadow of doubt that ostriches are known as the largest flightless birds in the world due to obvious reasons. However, due to some peculiar characteristics, they do not reside in too many places as every bird needs its own particular environment that should be conducive to meet the fundamental demands. Nature has given ostrich great strength and that’s why they are able to survive even in the blistering daylight of Africa.

Where Do Ostriches Live

Now let’s have a look around about ostrich habitat. Ostrich is an indigenous bird of Africa nevertheless these birds also happened to be found once in the Middle East region too. But unfortunately as the number of incidences of ostrich hounding escalates so did their death rates. Reluctantly with the passage of time, they were wiped out completely from that very region.

When it comes to the undomesticated places of Africa, they happen to dwell in Savanna, where fewer numbers of plantations welcome these flightless birds. As in the case of any other bird, you do not need to speculate precisely where do ostriches live since they can readily be tracked down in various zoo cages of the world. One of the best things about ostriches is that they can dwell even in the chilliest environment as well.

Five ostriches - Where do ostriches live
Ostriches strolling in Africa

Continents – Where Ostriches Live

  1. Africa
  2. Middle east (in the 20th century but are now extinct)

Countries and Regions Where Ostriches are found

  1. Sweden
  2. Australia
  3. Finland
  4. East and South Africa
  5. Savanna
  6. Sahara
  7. Sahel region

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