What Do Baby Ducks Eat | How to Look After Baby Ducks

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Perhaps the major challenge nearly all bird lovers face while feeding ducklings as to what do baby ducks eat. Extreme care is required in order to feed these baby ducks and if you’re partially aware of their diet then don’t bother to feed them.

What Do Baby Ducks Eat?

These ducklings require flexible diet for at least 14 days, after which they can take a regular adult’s diet. It wholly depends on the type of species as to which foodstuff they usually take. Generally, baby birds are fed by earthworms , small insects, snails, and larvae. Never feed bread-like stuff to these ducklings for it neither suits them nor to adults. Apart from bread; corns and crackers should also be avoided for they are carbohydrate-rich nutrients that do not provide any nutritional value to the baby ducks. Since these bread crumbs usually expand while going through the throat, they can adversely affect their heart and liver. It’s always advisable to call for an expert when you face any kind of similar situation.

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Now you would be quite aware of what do ducklings eat. A reasonable quantity of water should be given to these chicks; besides, they need a suitable brooding area. Chopped fruits and vegetables including berries are some of the best nutrients to feed them. These ducklings are very fond of eating tiny insects such as worms but don’t feed seeds or weeds. Another useful baby ducks feed is an oatmeal especially if it is mixed with water and kept under a room temperature the whole night; these chicks would love to have it. As these ducklings grow up, they need less water but more food. Never use a medicated feed; use a plastic feeder instead. If your ducklings are not drinking water then try to put some sugar into it; this will definitely stimulate them to drink. The baby ducks eat too much in winter season as compared to summer.

How to Look After Baby Ducks

After giving them a required feeding, they need a safe and warm environment since they do not have feathers that protect them from a changing temperature. Allow these ducklings to wander around and play within a limited space but make sure that no harmful thing or electronic appliance is placed near them. You need to clean water regularly since baby ducks foul it repeatedly.

  1. Do not let these ducklings to swim unattended for they become tired after a while and will consequently drown. They like to submerge their head and cleanse it off.
  2. While showering, NEVER use shampoo for it wipes out the oil these baby ducks produce from their body.
  3. After taking a shower put them on a warm towel.
  4. Never provide food without water for the chicks won’t be able to swallow the foodstuff alone.
  5. Never feed stuff like onions, wheat, grains, birdseed, and dry bread to baby ducks .

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