What Do Mallard Ducks Eat – What To Feed Mallard Ducks

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You know what do mallard ducks eat? This article covers all the essential food for these birds that are good and that are not good. Mallards are widespread and are mainly inhabits in North America, Asia, Eurasia, Mexico and Hawaii Islands. These ducks are the migratory birds . Now let’s talk about mallards menu.

Mallard ducks are the omnivorous birds. The mallard diet is flexible in that it depends on various factors such as the breeding cycle or the seasonal deviation in the food availability. Most people aren’t actually aware of what do mallards eat. These kinds of ducks primarily feed on gastropods as well as invertebrates. A roughly estimate is that males eat 37% of animals, whereas the plants comprise 63% of the whole mallards diet. Females usually eat 72% of animals and 28% of plants. Above all, major portion of the mallards diet compose of plants. These birds usually eat too much during the migration season. Some mallards also feed on frogs even though it’s rare. Even if you don’t have mallards you should know about what do mallard ducks eat because most people have misconceptions about mallards diet. You may find these birds at your local park but if you don’t what actually do these ducks eat how would you feed them?

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What Do Mallard Ducks Eat

Mallard ducks also feed on small fish, snails, moths, mollusks, grass, weeds, beetles, dragonflies, caddisflies, crustaceans, flies, bugs, lepidopterans, worms, plants seeds and roots, aquatic plants, amphibians, seeds, grain, and fruits. Besides, these birds also eat few pebbles in order to facilitate their digestion process. While keeping this bird as a pet you don’t need to worry about what do mallard ducks eat if you’ve learned about the mallards diet. However, some people think that bread is good for the mallards health; this is wrong, bread is nuisance for these types of ducks for the reason that it lacks any kind of nutritional value. On the contrary, chopped vegetables and cracked corns are few of the best food for mallards. These are opportunistic feeders and they take almost everything you feed them; therefore, it is you who should be careful and not the ducks. Just because mallards like the food doesn’t mean that that food would be good for them.

What Do Mallard Ducks Eat? What To Feed Mallard Ducks? - mallards
Mallard Ducks

What To Feed Mallard Ducks

The best food for mallards is that which contains minerals and vitamins that are good for their healthy nourishments. You should feed wheat, barley, milo, birdseed, chopped vegetables, and chopped lettuce. You must vary the diet on regular basis. However, if mallards show disinterest to the food, don’t feed them for they don’t need it. Now you can easily assess what do mallard ducks eat.

What do Mallard Ducks Eat – Video


    • thank you but you didn’t say how much to feed them in pellets. I have 2 mallards I raised from eggs. One is blind and had pneumonia when just a week old but is ok now. Its sibling is bigger and they are 6 7 weeks old.

  1. Nora
    Cheerios are also good for Mallards….every year (30 yrs.)around the first of April the male and female come to the water on the cover of our pool and I feed them Cheerios and place crushed corn on the patio.. The male will stay most of the day and the female will come twice. When the babies are born and they are able to walk, the mother will bring them for a tour.. they leave…and then we can open the pool!

    • Cheerios are not good for Mallards. Just because you feed them to the ducks doesn’t mean they are good for them.Please stop offering your misinformed ideas as advice. It’s not fair on the ducks.It’s nice that you appreciate them though..

  2. To keep this short, today (08202014), in the wild, I watched 4 female mallards fighting over a mouse, the one with the mouse finally gulped it down still alive & squirming.


  3. our female mallard is inhaling with her beak open, exhaling with it closed. Is this normal or is she in distress?

  4. Why do people read an article like this and then ignore it? A breeding pair is in our yard and it’s been a tough winter with snow in late April. I am going to put a small amount of lettuce and perhaps barley out to see if they want it.

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