Smallest Bird in the World – Bee Hummingbird

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When it comes to the smallest bird in the world then certainly Male bee hummingbird (or zunzuncito) are singled out thanks to their miniature size. The male bee hummingbird is rightly recognized as the most miniscule bird but majority of people are still ignorant of this fact.

These species of birds usually have a negligible weight of about 1.587 grams and a total span of almost 7 centimeters. Moreover, with this small body structure, there is also a short emerald tail as well as a bill which is approximately half the size of this bird. The esophagus of these birds is cherry-colored while the upper portion is largely blue with whitish-grey shade underneath them.

Bee Hummingbird Facts – The Smallest Bird in the World

These species of birds are readily found in Cuba (Isla de la Juventud). The speed of these birds is unbelievable as they may soar at a fast pace of about 50 miles per hour and finishing almost eighty turns per second. While dating, the male hummingbird flutters its tiny wings at almost 200 times per second.

bee humming bird

They are highly violent by nature and do not afraid to show aggression against other predator birds particularly while safeguarding their babies. However, their lifespan is about 8 years maximum and take meal throughout the day with the interval of just 10 minutes. Actually they consume almost one half of their entire body mass and imbibe water more than 8 times its own body mass every day.

The female hummingbird usually lays merely 2 miniature eggs while it possess just 1,000 feathers on their outer shell, which is the smallest number of feathers in any bird specie.

Most of the people make use of the skin of these species of birds merely for decoration purposes and their existence is therefore in ultimate danger.

In order to maintain the process of metabolism, these species of birds have a heart beat rate which is next greatest of all mammals and birds. The temperature inside them is almost 104 F, which is the maximum amongst all birds.

Size of Nest

The size of nest is almost 1.2 inches.   

Food Intake

  1. Little spider
  2. Mites
  3. Sugary liquid of bright-shaded flower

Bee Hummingbird – Videos of the Smallest Bird in the World

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  1. Bee hummingbirds do not migrate.They move for short distances in search of high quality nectar during different seasons of the year.

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