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How long to roast a chicken is a common problem seeing as chicken is the most extensively used meat throughout the world. Since chicken has less calories and high proteins, so people fancy using it in different formats. One of these formats is to roast it in the oven. Even though it is a frequently used meat, still most of us are unaware about the precise method for roasting a chicken. Here we’ll bake chicken in a very unproblematic style such that anyone can practice it.

Things You Need For How Long To Roast A Chicken

  • 1 chicken – 2.5 kg
  • Onions – 3
  • Carrots – 3
  • Garlic – 1
  • Margarine or butter
  • Properly chopped fresh black pepper
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • Rosemary or other herbs (optional)

Easy And Straightforward Steps For How Long To Roast A Chicken

Step No. 1

  • Buy a fresh chicken from the market or if you have already one, then take it out from the refrigerator and allow it to get stable for few minutes.

Step No. 2

  • Now warm up the oven at a temperature of almost 190oC

Step No. 3

  • As you unpack the covering, you need to take away heart, kidney and lever from the inside of a meat and refrigerate them immediately. They are easily detached by means of bare hands.

Step No. 4

  • After having unpacked and emptied the chicken from giblets, now is the stage for scrubbing down the meat. Wash it down with water and towel the same subsequently.
Chicken on a roasted pan - how long to roast a chicken
Chicken on a roasted pan

Step No. 5

  • Put the chicken on a roasting pan and brush it with margarine or butter so that it gives a golden-brown shade while cooking. Afterwards, flavor it with some salt and properly minced black pepper. Additionally, you may also employ various herbs if you intend to spice it up any further. Herbs like Rosemary is inserted right beneath the skin of the chicken while inside the meat, you may add some garlic as well as onion. They will definitely enhance your taste but are not compulsory.

Step No. 6

  • After stuffing the entire meat with some useful and spicy herbs, now is the time to fasten the chicken so that the material does not come out. It is an important step in the process of how long to roast a chicken.

Step No. 7

  • Before placing the chicken inside the oven, it would be better if you insert a meat thermometer inside the chunkiest section of the meat. However, be wary, that the thermometer does not come into contact with the bone as well as the dial is out in the open. It will tell you precisely how long does it take to roast a chicken.

Step No. 8

  • Basting is an important aspect while baking chicken and therefore, you need to take a meat out from the oven. Thereafter, baste the meat properly once after each 20 minutes interval. Not only will it maintain the dampness inside the meat but will also allow the chicken to get perfectly golden brown shade with a crunchy taste.

Step No. 9

  • As you see the chicken looks brown, take it out and check it whether it is properly baked or needs further time. For this, you can slot a long wooden pin inside the meat and if the juice trickles, it means the meal is ready.

Step No. 10

  • Finally allow the chicken to cool down for about 15 minutes as the liquid also gets even out. Now enjoy this lip-smacking meal with your friends or family because you know how long to roast a chicken now!

How Long To Roast A Chicken – Video

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