How To Cook A Turkey Breast – How To Roast A Turkey Breast

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You may wonder about how to cook a turkey breast simply because it is the quickest and most delectable meal in order to quench your desire for food. Besides, you don’t want to throw away your dollars simply on buying expensive roasted turkeys from an eating place. You don’t need to spend your precious money anymore since now you’ll cook your delicious and juicy turkey breast on your own. Within just a matter of minutes, your turkey breast will be ready to serve you up.

How To Cook A Turkey Breast

Things You Need

  • Salt (probably Kosher or garlic), according to choice
  • Soften margarine – 2 table spoons
  • A breast piece of turkey weighing more or less 2.5 kg
  • Black pepper according to choice – clean and properly minced
  • Carrots – 3 chunks
  • Turkey stock – half cup
  • 1 lemon
  • Half properly skinned onion
  • Parsley

Baking Time

  • Total time required is almost 65 minutes i.e. 10 minutes for arranging and 55 minutes for baking (10+55)

Simple And Easy Steps For How To Cook A Turkey Breast

Step No. 1

  • Scrub down the fresh turkey meat and remove any potential turkey prickles over it.


Turkey meat - How to cook a turkey breast
Put the turkey at the middle of oven frame so that it gets even heat

Step No. 2

  • Now take a clean fabric and towel the breast piece. Coat the inside section of turkey with lemon juice and little amount of salt.

Step No. 3

  • Turn your oven on, if it is not, and warm it up at a temperature of almost 232­oC.

Step No. 4

  • Now take a breast piece, fill it with half onion, parsley and few carrots. Put it on the frame of oven while make sure that the legs are properly fastened together. Now reclines it in such a way that the veal is facing downward. This is to make sure that liquid which comes out while baking, going right at the veal plus it avoids the bird from getting extraordinarily golden-brown.

Step No. 5

  • Now take margarine and make it soften enough to cover the entire breast and paste it over the turkey. At the same time, flavor it with some salt as well as black pepper as it will add zing to the breast piece.

Step No. 6

  • Now bake the breast piece along with ingredients at roundabout 50 to 60 minutes. However, remember basting it for the first half an hour by means of turkey stock and within a time interval of almost 15 minutes. That means you have to baste the turkey breast just two times on the whole. Thus, if you remember these steps, you’ll come to know how to cook a turkey breast in your home particularly when your mom is away.


Turkey breast - How to cook a turkey breast
Ready to serve

Step No. 7

  • As the temperature reaches 67o­C (display by thermometer which is slotted inside the meat while the dial is out in the open), take the breast piece out from the heating box and wrap it up with some aluminum foil. Finally, allow the mouth-watering turkey breast to cool off at about 15 minutes. I know it would not be quite easy for you to cool it off in front of your eyes but that’s how it works. A yummy and spicy turkey breast piece is ready to serve 5 starving persons, excluding you.

Now you may call yourself a pastry-cook because you know how to cook a turkey breast. Enjoy turkey mealtime with your darling movie and have a nice time.

Steps To Remember

  • Be careful while taking the breast out from the heated oven.
  • Remember to keep the dial of thermometer exposed.

 How To Cook A Turkey Breast – Video

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