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The “Wandering Albatross” has been declared as the bird with largest wingspan among all the living birds. Its wingspan on average ranges from 8.2 to 11.5 feet (2.51 to 3.50 meter). Read on this article for more information about:

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Bird wingspan is the measurement of the length from the tip of the longest primary feather of the bird’s one wing to the tip of the longest primary feather of the other wing when the wings are in expanded position. For a more detailed paper visit https://123homework.com/college-homework-help and learn even more about birds.

Bird With Largest Wingspan – Wandering Albatross

The “Wandering Albatross” has been declared as the bird with largest wingspan among all the living birds. Its wingspan on average ranges from 8.2 to 11.5 feet (2.51 to 3.50 meter). Larger wingspans of about 13.8 and 17 feet have been reported but they were not verified. The largest wingspan bird Wandering Albatross ever recorded was about 11 feet and 11 inches. Since it is a largest wingspan bird, which makes it a skilled gliding bird with the capability to float in the air for several hours without flapping its wings. It flies for about a distance of 22 meter for a single meter drop. One interesting fact about this largest wingspan bird in the world is that it also sleeps while flying!

Wandering Albatross Facts

Length: Ranges from 3.51 to 4.43 feet
Weight: Ranges from 5.9 to 12.7 kg
Wingspan: 8.2 to 11.5 feet
Color: Black and White wings
Males’ wings are whiter than females with black tips and trailing edges.
Pink bill and pink feet.
Life Span: More than 50 years

Wandering Albatross bird largest wingspan

 The Wandering Albatross is a large sea bird mostly found in the Southern Oceans in the circumpolar area. They live in the form of groups and have characteristic displays including whistles, scream and bill clapping. They hunt crustaceans, small fish and cephalopods at night. They also feed on animal refuse floating on the sea and are often found trailing ships for refuse.

Bird With Second Largest Wingspan

The Marabou Stork is a large walking bird that is sometimes considered as the largest wingspan bird with reported wingspan about 13.3 feet (4.06 meter)but Marabou Stork bird with largest wingspan ever verified was not more than 10.5 feet (3.19 meter). When relying on the verified facts the Marabou Stork can be regarded as second in the list of birds with longest wingspan. In addition it can have the credit of the land bird with the largest wingspan alongside the Andean Condor.

marabou stork bird with largest wingspan
marabou stork bird

Marabou Stork facts

Height: 60 inches (152 cm)
Length: Ranges from bill to tail 47 to 51 inches
Weight: Ranges from 4.5 to 8 kg
Wingspan: 89 to 113 inches
Color and shape: Cloak shaped wings and back in black color
Skinny white legs

Marabou Stork is found in arid and wet habitats of Africa (South of Sahara desert), mostly near human habitat. It has very distinctive appearance due to which it is known as “Undertaker Bird” owing to the cloak shaped wings and back.

Bird wingspan list

Here is bird with largest wingspans chart for quick reference.

Birds with largest wingspan

Wingspan Length

Wandering  Albatross 8.2 to 11.5 feet
Marabou Stork 7.4 to 10.5 feet
Andean Condor 8.9 to 10.5 feet
Pelican 7.9 to 10 feet
California Condor Up to 9.8 feet
Jabiru Stork 7.5 to 9.2 feet
Kori Bustard 7.5 to 9.02 feet
Whooper Swan 6.75 to 9 feet
Great Bustard 6.9 to 8.9 feet
Trumpeter swan 6.7 to 8 feet
Mute Swan 6.5 to 7.8 feet
Black Vulture 4.5 to 5.5 feet

Wandering Albatross bird with largest wingspan video


  1. Uh really i just seen a night flying something that was white and it was at least as fifteen feet wingspan no lie seen really close up longer than a ford 150 in oregan

  2. why is the Wedge Tail Eagle not mentioned in birds with the largest wing span which
    i read has a span of 2.3 meters?

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