Why Do Birds Migrate – Migration of Birds – When Do Birds Migrate

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Why do birds migrate is a common issue and for which a number of reasons justify this large scale movement of birds. First of all, not all the birds are capable to survive in every condition so they have to drift somewhere in order to scratch out a living. That’s why many birds find some places unfeasible and move toward more favorable places. With the change of weather conditions, the sources of minerals and food scales down and ultimately prompt different birds to migrate to safer places. A large majority of birds usually hibernate particularly in the chilly weather but few of them rather go for another option. By means of powerful wings, they can soar for about hundreds of thousands of kilometers and thus perch in new homeland. In this way, they get rid of treacherous climate and find new sources of food and safe havens.

Why Do Birds Migrate – Migration of Birds

In the northern places of America, major portion of birds comprise of those that flew there particularly in humid climate. Since few areas like Alaska and Canada has unfeasible weather conditions in winter so as the summer season arrives, migration of birds from various places begins. Likewise, they fly back to their original places as the winter season arrives. A study revealed that almost 20% of all the birds in America are local while the rest come from migration. Birds like Finches and Quails, are habitual in migrating from West highlands to lower levels while some other birds also voyage but occasionally.

Swans migration - Why do birds migrate
Swans are migrating in winter

Generally, the basic principle behind why do birds migrate is a simple one and which is to scavenge for food and sometimes for nesting. There are many birds that run out of their foodstuff especially in winter season and seek out to find a mild climate. Birds like cross-bills, warblers and flycatchers move toward humid regions in winter since the availability of foodstuff declines. Some of the birds like geese move in colossal formations from one place to another so they may find plenty of young bugs and flora to fill their bellies.

The shortage of food resources in winter season prompts these birds to shift to any place which is abundant in minerals. Despite the fact that birds migrate for the purpose of finding foodstuff and safe haven, there are some other factors too that instigate them to set for a voyage. In humid climate as the sunbeams ebbs away, it triggers the hormones inside the birds and produce ample chubby around their body. As a result, this adipose tissue is beneficial for them since it makes them strong enough to fly hundreds of thousands of miles. In this way, dwindling sunbeams and shortage of food enable them to migrate. Finally the impatient bird flies by flapping its wings through great distances. Thus, it is obvious that there are several reasons behind why do birds migrate and makes migration of birds compulsory in specific set of circumstances

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