Why a Pet Bird Not be the Right Fit for You

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Are you planning to adopt a bird as a family pet ? We strongly advise you to read further before you make an informed decision 

selective photography of green rose ring parakeet
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1. Birds Can Bite You:

Meet any bird owner, and they will tell you how birds will bite you, and it does not mean they are mean. It only means they are threatened and frightened. Basically, they use their beaks as their third hand; hence they maybe do not mean to harm you, but it may hurt you. If you are scared of that, it is not a good idea to adopt a parrot.

2. Birds Can Get Loud:

As you sit in your home, you get to hear birds chirping outside at a distance. Birds get really loud, and imagine the ruckus caused by a bird who stays at your place. They do this to connect with the other wild flocks. They will vocalize during sunrise and sunset and at various points in a day. If you cannot tolerate such loud noise or your neighbors may have issues, it is a big no-no.

3. Birds Can Get Messy:

Birds are really messy when it comes to them eating their own food. They waste and drop a lot, which means you will not just clean the cage but also the droppings below. With time this may only seem too much of responsibility. 

4. Birds Need Attention:

Birds are pets that need your time and attention. If you cannot give that to them, then do not bother adopting one as it will be much cruel for the bird. You need to bond with the bird as she is going to be spending her life with you.

5. Birds Live for a Very Long Time:

Birds are known to live for a longer number of years. Parrots are the most common bird pets that can live as long as 80 years, which may become a very long-term commitment that you may not be ready to undertake. Make informed decisions when you decide to adopt a bird as your pet.

6. Birds can Only Bond with One Family Member Most Times:

Pets like dogs and cats have the capability to bond with several family members, but birds mostly don’t. They can only mingle and bond with one person at a time, which means it is ideal to stay alone, but a bird cannot be an ideal family pet.

7. Birds Can Trigger Allergies:

Birds may be great as pets for you, but they are known to trigger allergies in humans, just like any other pet. If you are not allergic to the bird but have other pets at home, such as a dog, the bird’s droppings can be dangerous for the dog’s health, and the dog may be allergic to this. Though it is not always the pet bird that is the culprit to make your furry friend sick. Dogs can be allergic to several food items, such as chicken allergy in dogs; hence be sure what is causing the issue before blaming your pet bird.

The Bottom Line- It is Cruel:

Birds are fascinating creations and not meant to be caged. Having a bird as a pet can be fascinating, but it is not the right thing to do as it is cruel. Just because people keep them as pets, these birds are bred and confined to cages, not how they naturally should live. Birds are meant to stay free and fly high.

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