Where Do Bats Live – Where do bats live in the world

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Do you know where do bats live? One of the chief reasons as to why people do not know about the bats habitat is that they think these mammals suck the blood of humans; which is wrong. Bats never attack humans. Even the vampire bats drink blood from cattles, domestic livestock or camels and not from humans. Until and unless you won’t make them move these mammals do not fly into you.

Where Do Bats Live

Now the question arises as to where do bats live? Since most bats are nocturnal, they can’t be seen at daytime. These flying mammals do not subside under the extreme temperatures. They are widespread throughout the globe except in Polar Regions like Arctic and Antarctic. Bats are known to live in the desolate places like large caves, foliage, deserts, and mountains. These mammals are found in the large colonies comprising even millions of bats. Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico) is the most common and frequently visited place of bats where they are known to exist in the colonies of 6 – 8 million individuals. Bats never fly into things at night for the reason that these mammals use echolocation to locate their things (or prey) by creating sound waves which reflect back to them, giving them a clue about the placement of the objects. Humans cannot hear these sound waves and one of the interesting things is that every bat has its own pulse frequency. Before leaving their habitats at night bats usually fly around inside the caves while creating irritating voices. Inside their habitats they never use echolocation. If you get into their caves, they may crash at you unintentionally. However, it’s rare since bats can and do navigate through sonar signals that help them to catch even a one centimeter bug during its flight. Humans are far too big to fly into.

Apart from deserted places, these mammals are also found in the resident areas like in buildings, bridges, tunnels, houses, in fact old houses. However, you might be wondering as to where do bats live in the residential places? They normally exist at the rooftop where humans could not disturb them at night. Brown long eared bats and Daubenton’s bats are the two common species that are extensively in the residential areas. They are harmless to humans; until and unless you do not disturb them, these bats won’t disturb you. In Leicester, these

Where Do Bats Live - Bats Houses
Bats Houses

types of bats are common yet uninvited visitors in residential places. In the riverside places, Daubenton’s bats are mostly found. Bats also exist in large trees with hollows or holes in the main branches.

Bats spend their entire daytime while roosting in rock crevices, or caves, they come out to forage bugs and moths at dusk. Where the prey can be easily found, these flying mammals would definitely visit those such as gardens, ponds, canals, wetlands, and lakes. They are not hesitant to fly great distances from their habitats at night. There are around 45 – 48 bats species in the United States only.

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