What do Parrots Eat – Where do Parrots Live

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Parrots belong to the psittacines family and there are more than 370 species found by the naturalists. These species are the sub classifications of 86 genera. They are mostly found in the tropical regions. These birds have a strong bill and legs that helps them in picking up the food. There is a vast diversity of colors amongst parrots’ feathers. A unique quality of imitating nearby voices has led people to believe that parrots are not the ordinary birds.

What Do Parrots Eat

Unlike conservationists, a layman is not actually aware of what do parrots eat. This article incorporates a complete guideline as to parrots’ feeding. Parrots are actually herbivorous except for the fact that quite a few of them are omnivorous too. Generally, parrots predominantly feed on buds, fruits, seeds, uncooked spinach, plants, floral nectar, arthropods, and pollen. Few other species also feed on carrions and small animals. Amongst which seeds is the most common feed that nearly all types of parrots feed on for the reason that their large powerful bills are designed to use up these seeds. These birds make use of their feet to score a seed except few species. Some naturalists believe that parrots only eat fruits in order to reach the best part of it which is seeds; therefore, these birds are also known as seed predators. On the contrary, few conservationists maintain that seed-based diets are not recommended for parrots since it lacks vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Parrots are well trained instinctively to wipe out the poison embedded in a seed before ingestion. Several parrots living in Africa, America, Papua and New Guinea munch through the clay that helps in taking in toxic compounds from the gut. Few parrots like hanging parrots and lorikeets largely feed on nectar and pollen rather than seeds. Parrot’s diet also includes invertebrates and small animals, snails, larvae, petrels, wood branches, and grubs. Under captivity, these birds must also be supplemented with fresh fruits that give them extra strength.

Now you would have a better idea of what do parrots eat! One important thing to consider is that the food you bring for your parrot must relate to that specific specie and not to the whole family members. Most of the nutritional requirements do not coincide with the exact parrot specie which ultimately ends up in their health problems. This can be observed when feeding pellets because pellets have the same nutritional value whether you provide it to the macaws or budgies. However, you should not be confused since there is a significant size difference between the two species. Budgies usually eat while picking the foodstuff with their beaks directly as against the large macaws. Experts also suggest that you can enjoy your meal with your pet parrots for it allows these birds to choose what is best for them.

what do parrots eat - where do parrots live

Where Do Parrots Live

Parrots are normally found in the tropical and subtropical regions in the Southern Hemisphere. They are extensively distributed across South America and Australasia. They build their nests in tree hollows or cavities. Other countries in which these birds reside include; Mexico, Bahamas, Southeast Asia, new Guinea, Philippine, Central America, Africa, South Asia, French Polynesia, Fiji, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Wallacea, Belgium, and Spain. Few of the birds are migratory . Sudden decline in the parrot’s population has been observed due to the deforestation, illegal trading, with-holding as a pet, hunting, and the habitat destruction. Humans are mainly responsible for its extermination.


What Parrots Shouldn’t Eat

  1. If you’re feeding parrots on a dining table; it’s not always that you should put everything into the parrot’s mouth without knowing anything. It can be dangerous at times; some of the foods are avoidable whilst feeding parrots that are:
  2. Food contains high quantity of salt, sugar.
  3. Never feed milk to the parrots since they are birds and not mammals.
  4. Onions, garlic, and raw rhubarb should be strictly avoided.

Interesting Information about Parrots

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  1. Learn so much about parrots. My favorite bird and i want to tame one of them. Can you suggest me which one will be perfect for taming as a beginner? I have other birds parakeets and cockatiel but no idea about parrots. Thanks.

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