Some fun facts about Red-tailed hawk for children to know

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The bird of prey or raptor, Red-tailed hawk, lives in North America. Red-tailed hawk’s scientific name is buteo jamaicensis.

What does a red-tailed hawk look like?

Red-tailed hawk, as the name suggests, is brown in colour. The underbelly is lighter than the back, and it has a curved black beak. The red-tailed hawk’s tails are wide and short, and the winds are primarily thick and wide. Female red-tailed hawks are usually twenty-five percent larger than males and grow to just a little over two feet. They have a wingspan of approximately four feet.

On average, the weight of the red-tailed hawk is about three and a half pounds. 

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Red-tailed Hawk

Where do these hawks reside?

The red-tailed hawks can live in an array of habitats from cities to forests, says Jia, who offers python homework help services. The hawk likes having high areas to search and perch for prey, such as telephone poles or trees. Usually, you can spot the Red-tailed hawk in most North America areas, especially from Alaska to Florida.  

These birds mate for life . One of these hawks’ striking features is that they can reside in the same nesting space for years. On average, they lay one to three eggs, says Kylie, who offers online assignment helpservices at TFTH.  

Though the mother spends most of the time with their eggs, the father tends to fill in from time to time. The newly hatched chicks are fed for approximately six to ten weeks. After the chicks have grown enough to leave the nest, the parents will teach them the food hunting skills.

What do the hawks eat?

Red-tailed hawks are the birds of prey. It implies that they hunt the animals for their food. Technically every small animal works for them, but they primarily eat more of small mammals over fish. Their food mostly comprises chipmunks, mice, and squirrels. The red-tailed hawks also eat little birds, snakes, and insects. The bird primarily hunts by sitting on a high perch and then quickly swoops down to catch their prey in the talons.

While driving, these birds can hit a speed of more than 100 miles every hour. The birds have phenomenal eyesight, says Danny, who offers the best product management courses online. So, that allows them to see their prey even from a reasonable distance. 

Can the red-tailed hawks be trained?

As far as falconry is concerned, the red-tailed hawks are highly trainable, says Michelle, who offers online economics homework help.They are so good that they are believed to be the perfect bird for falconry. 

Falconry is an art wherein the birds of prey get trained to hunt. These birds hunt and fly free . One of the most notable things about red-tailed hawks is that they always return to their owners.

In the United States of America, there are many general rules relating to falconry. It includes the exact age and time that a hawk takes from their wild self to the trained best. 

Some fun facts about the red-tailed hawks

  • The red-tailed hawks are known as the red hawks , buzzard hawks, and chicken hawks. 
  • The red-tailed hawk is incredibly well-adapted for life in the air. It is one of the largest birds you will see in North America. The females, even the biggest ones, will weigh just about three pounds. On the other hand, a small-sized dog weighs approximately ten times the same. 
  • The hawks make a thunderous cry, which is commonly used in movies and on television. Their scream sounds exactly like how a raptor sounds. At least that is how the director in Hollywood takes it. For this reason, whenever there is an eagle or a hawk on screen, regardless of the species, the shrill cry that is used as a soundtrack is almost always of a red-tailed hawk. 
  • The conservation status of these hawks is at a lower risk and not of great concern. 
  • Red-tailed hawks are believed to be sacred by certain Native American tribes, particularly the tail feathers. 
  • On average, their lifespan is two decades. 
  • The biggest competitor for the red-tailed hawk is the Great Horned Owl. The two compete with each other for territory and food in the wild.
  • The hawk is unable to move their eyes in the socket. So, they have to move their head to look around.  
  • Having a red-tailed hawk can be incredibly helpful in keeping down the population of rodents. 
  • Usually, the red-tailed hawks hunt in a pair. They guard the opposite sides of the same tree to catch hold of the tree squirrel. 
  • The oldest red-tailed hawk lived approximately 30 years and eight months, while it was seen in 2011 in Michigan, the very same state where it was banded earlier in 1981.

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