Signs That Your Pet Needs Emergency Vet Care

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Pet emergencies, in general, are very unpredictable. No one knows when these kinds of situations will strike, and not everyone is a hundred per cent prepared to handle these events. As fur parents, you can only do so much amidst the situation and the overflow of mixed emotions.

That’s why if you’re a pet owner, you should know when to ask for help. In this piece we’re going to tell you the tell-tale signs that your pet is suffering and when you should call for emergency vet care.

Signs That Your Pet Needs Urgent Medical Attention

In most cases, you can tell that your pet needs urgent help. But there will be times that you will have to use your parental instinct to tell whether something’s wrong with your fur baby or not.

Below are only some of the pet emergencies that you might encounter (knock on wood). These are situations where you need to calm down and think on your feet to handle these events better.

  • Seizures
  • Relentless vomiting
  • Bloated or swelling abdomen
  • Unconsciousness
  • Poisoning
  • Eye inflammation
  • Blindness
  • Loss of balance
  • Blood in diarrhea
  • Non-stop bleeding
  • Inability to walk
  • Choking or difficulty in breathing
  • Broken bones and other injuries due to accidents
  • Can’t pee and poop
  • Can’t deliver puppies or kittens

These are only some of the tell-tale signs that your pets need medical attention. If you notice these signs on your pet, call your vet immediately and ask them what you can do at the moment.

Things to Do While Help is on the Way

There are cases when time is very crucial. There are emergencies where your pet can’t wait for another 10 minutes before getting attended to by an expert. Sometimes, you have to roll your sleeves up and do some basic first aid to assuage the pain.

That’s why you must not panic. If you calm down, you can think quickly on your feet and handle the situation in front of you better.

Below are some basic first aid tips that can be handy during emergencies.


When your pets are having seizures, never attempt to restrain them. Just let them be. The best thing that you can do is to remove all the items around your pet that are potentially harmful.

Seizures normally last for 2-3 minutes. But if the seizures don’t stop, that’s when you should call for help.


If your pet gets injured, the first thing to do is to put a muzzle on it so they won’t be able to bite anyone. After doing this preventive measure, you can lay them on any flat surface, preferably a stretcher. Then secure them onto the stretcher using elastic bands or mattresses.

Be careful not to apply any pressure on the fractured area.


Again, before doing anything, put a muzzle on your pet first. Pets, especially dogs, tend to bite even their owners when they’re in pain or stressful situations. That’s why muzzling them is important.

After doing that, put a clean gauze pad or cloth over the wound and apply slight pressure on it for a few minutes. Then check if the bleeding has already stopped.

If the bleeding continues, put another gauze pad over the wound then wrap the injured area with an elastic band to somehow suppress the bleeding. Then bring your pet to the nearest animal centre immediately.

To successfully execute these first-aid processes, the key is to relax and not panic. It’s also important to know other basic first aid steps for other medical situations like the back of your hand. So when the time comes that these emergencies happen, you’ll know what to do best for your fur baby.

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