Popular Owl Name Ideas Based on Greek Mythology

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Owls are some of the most intelligent and beautiful creatures in the world. They have a mystique that is hard to match, which is why so many people enjoy having them as pets or even naming their children after them! In this post, we will talk about some popular owl names from Greek Mythology. It may not be easy to find out what they mean, but it’s worth it for anyone who has an interest in mythology and wants to explore a new culture!


Athena is one of the most well-known Greek goddesses. She was often referred to as “the gray-eyed” which may have inspired this popular owl names ideas. The meaning behind Athena’s name comes from her connection with wisdom, courage, inspiration, and civilization!

The word “athenaeum” also stems from Athena’s name and is a term that refers to an institution of higher learning or college. The Latin word “Athena” can also be used as a female derivative for someone who has the same qualities as this goddess! In Ancient Greece, it was believed that owls were manifestations of Athena herself which makes her one of the most popular owl names!


Boreas is the god of winter and he was also one of the four wind deities. Its name in Ancient Greek means “north wind”. It has a more masculine sound to it, but its meaning can be very fitting for either gender. The name Boreas is still used in many countries today to refer to winter!

Owls are known for being wise creatures and the owl’s ability to fly through winds also makes this a perfect fit. They can often be seen flying very swiftly with their wings spread wide open going forward or backward without any problems at all which proves just how strong they are!


Nyx is the Greek goddess of night and she was also known as “the mother of all”. She had a husband named Erebus, but her children were often referred to as Hypnos (god of sleep) and Thanatos (god of death). This makes Nyx one of the most powerful deities in Greek mythology which is why she may be an excellent choice for someone who wants to choose a unique name.

The word “nyctophobia” also stems from Nyx’s name and it means fear of the dark! The moon was believed to have had some connection with this goddess so her association with owls just makes sense. Plus, Owls are often known for their amazing eyesight which is why they can hunt so well at night!

Nyx also happened to be the daughter of Chaos which gives her a strong connection with nature. She was said to have created all things on Earth and its nighttime sky as well!


Orion is another one of the most recognizable Greek heroes. He was said to have been a gigantic hunter with supernatural abilities which makes him unique among many names on this list! His name means “light of the sun” and that definitely has some strong connections with owls since they are known for being nocturnal creatures who sleep during the day and hunt at night!

Orion was also known for his great strength which makes him an excellent name if you want something that is strong sounding. This may be another reason why so many people love this name since it has a masculine ring to it while still being unique enough to sound feminine as well!If you are looking for a unique name for your owl, there is no better inspiration than Greek mythology. From Aeolus to Zeus, these names will please the most discerning bird lover! If you have an owlet in your life that needs a name, we hope you find the perfect one here.

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