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Not so many people are fully aware about What is Angry Birds since it is a spanking new game. Angry Birds is basically an alluring video game that has turned into a mania since its inception and is designed by a software developer of Finland, Rovio Mobile. The developer was apparently seems to have predominantly stirred by an outline of stylish birds having no wings.

The Angry Birds first edition was intended specifically for the iPhone Operating System and was unveiled in December 2009. However, it received a staggering reception worldwide by selling more than 12 million volumes of the game. Owing to an astounding response from the initial release of Angry Birds, the company was triggered to enhance its features and versions that are compatible for other touch screen smart-phones as well. Owing to its popularity now it is available

The Angry Birds Game Summary

The game comprises of multi-colored Angry Birds that are blasted-off with the help of a slingshot at several constructions or at static pigs, while aiming at wiping out all the pigs at the playing field. As the game proceeds and the contestant moves ahead, various new-fangled birds come into sight having unique powers which can be turned on by the contestant. To enhance its features, Rovio Mobile has supplemented latest updates free of charge in order to augment the additional game substance.

play angry birds online for freeWhy Angry Birds Has Become So Popular?

The primary reason as to Why Angry Birds is gaining increasing recognition through the passage of time is due to its versatility and also the fact that it flaunts a magnificent balance of side-splitting flair, fanatic gameplay and cost-effectiveness. The whopping fame of Angry Birds pioneered the development of latest versions that are fully compatible for PCs and gaming consoles.

The Game play

In a game of Angry Birds, the contestants are in charge of the herd of multihued Angry Birds that are making an effort to salvage their eggs that have been embezzled by a gang of wicked pigs of green in color. At every level, these wicked pigs are safeguarded by the woody structures, ice constructions and structures built of stones, while the player put out all the stops to obliterate them in this level. With the help of a slingshot, the contestants send-off the vibrant birds with setting sights on either whacking at the pigs as the crow flies, or smashing up the solid structures that would entail them to fall down on the pigs. You will find out supplementary objects like volatile barred enclosures and rocks in various phases of each level and thus, can be employed in union with the Angry Birds to exterminate the pigs.

Angry Birds Six Episodes

  • Poached Eggs, first episode of the game comprises of 3 chapters, having twenty-one levels each.
  • Mighty Hoax, first update unleashed in February 2010 and comprise of 2 fresh chapters, having twenty-one levels each.
  • Danger Above, unveiled in April 2010 and comprises of 1 chapter of fifteen levels at the outset, then augmented by 2 fresh chapters of fifteen levels each.
  • The Big Setup, unveiled in June 2010 and comprises 1 fresh chapter of fifteen levels initially, then supplemented by 2 more chapters having fifteen levels each.
  • Ham Em High, unleashed in December 2010, comprises 1 chapter of fifteen levels earlier on, then 2 fresh chapters of fifteen levels each, supplemented in February 2011 and March 2011 respectively.
  • Mine and Dine, unveiled in June 2011 and comprises of fifteen levels along with a fresh Golden Egg.

Consequently, after having gone through this article you will have a profound understanding and a deep insight into What is Angry Birds and more importantly, the fact that Why Angry Birds is becoming increasingly in style over the past few years?

Play Angry Birds Online For Free – No Download Required

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  1. I erased all of my Angry Bird apps after Snowden revealed that the government is spying on you through this app. I don’t want the government to know how much of my life I wasted playing this game.

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