Pet Gadgets That Make Everyday Animal Life Easier

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The Internet of Things is permeating more and more areas of life and is also changing the way we keep pets. Not only humans, but also their pets can enjoy these useful and fun gadgets. There are novelties for playing, for feeding or for relieving one or the other.

Digitization is also creeping into the animal world. There are now plenty of ways to track the movements of your four-legged friends even in simple dog items like a dog door. The following pet gadgets will not only make your animals fitter, but also a little more independent. At you will find the shops with pet discount coupons.


V-Pet Kippy: The smart collar with GPS and activity tracker

The smart V-Pet collar from Vodafone is more than just an ordinary necklace for your four-legged friends. You can locate them at any time using GPS tracking and your pet will never be lost. You can set up so-called safe zones for your four-legged friend using your smartphone. If Bello leaves its defined area, you will be notified by the app. You can also see how much your pet is sleeping or eating via an activity monitor.

The highlight: You don’t need a Bluetooth connection here that relies on physical proximity. Instead, a connection to the collar is established via the Vodafone cellular network. A special V-SIM card is supplied for this purpose when the contract is signed. Incidentally, the contract can also be deactivated from one month to the next, if you don’t need V-Pet all year round.

Catspad: Gives every animal the right food

With this smart automatic feeder, you can set the amount of feed yourself using the app. The machine then dispenses the feed at set times. At the same time, it activates the water dispenser or both are switched on as soon as your pet comes close to the device. The best: The Catspad recognizes your animal individually by a special collar. So you can save the amount of food for different animals. This smart food bowl gives each animal the amount they need. In addition, the device registers how much your animal has eaten and drunk and notifies you if one of the two does not.

Felik: Playmate with infrared cameras and laser pointer

Cats chasing a red laser pointer dot are hilarious. This fact has been documented in detail in various YouTube videos. What seems funny to humans, however, is essential for animals: They need exercise, play and have to be busy. Otherwise it can quickly happen that you convert your excess energy into aggression and let go of it at another point.

You may not always have the time and inclination to play with your pet. For these cases, the three designers Yuri Brigance, Shaun Kjellman and Alan Zanfirescu have developed the clever Felik – Intelligent Pet Companion, which always has time for your pet and offers hours of fun even without human influence. Wherever you attach it, the smart pet toy observes the room using sensitive infrared cameras. If it detects the pet, Felik analyzes its size and speed and finds out what your kitten or dog is up to. Based on this data, it then uses the laser pointer and chases your pet through your apartment. You can also use the smartphone app to individually adjust the activation period and speed.

The litter box that makes cat and owner happy

The Litter-Robot is a litter box that cleans itself all by itself. The fully automated ball in which the cat litter is located begins to spin and sift out the litter after your cat has done its business. Depending on the programming, this can take three to 15 minutes. A weight sensor in the litter box detects when your kitty leaves the litter box. The remains then end up in a container under the ball.

This function makes it possible to increase the cleaning intervals for the litter box. So you are no longer forced to clean your house cat’s toilet every day. A filter is installed in the construction to prevent strong odors. In this way, you supposedly hardly have to worry about anything, except after a few days remove the garbage bag in the container and dispose of everything in the household waste.

High-tech cat flap: Burglar-proof and thermally insulated

Pretty much every cat goes on a journey of discovery through the neighborhood on its own from time to time. The Austrian company Pet Walk has developed a special cat flap so that your cat doesn’t stand in front of a locked door when it comes home. Equipped with burglar-proof fittings, an alarm system and, if you wish, only opened by your own animals, the Pet Walk pet doors claim that security is the top priority. The flap opens as soon as the cat approaches the door. To do this, however, she either has to wear a chip implant or an appropriate collar.

AI dog school: Companion Pro trains your four-legged friend

Your dog is sometimes alone during the day or sometimes longs for activity? The Companion Pro AI dog school is designed to train and keep your four-legged friend busy. The result: a happy, best friend of man, who should also obey better. And this is how Companion Pro works: In addition to a camera and loudspeaker, the white box also contains numerous treats. Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes the camera images and recognizes your dog’s behavior. The training can begin: Simple commands such as “sit”, “sit down” and “stay” come from the loudspeaker. If your four-legged friend obeys, there will be treats – otherwise not.

Dogs should not only be busy for about a quarter of an hour, but should also obey better when you give the commands yourself. Companion Pro saves the progress of your training so that you can keep track of everything just like a human fitness tracker. Does that sound excite for you and your dog? Then you just have to be patient a little longer, because Companion Pro will not be available until the middle of the year.

Cuss Collar: Barking becomes cursing

Finally, a pet gadget that puts fun in the foreground and does not play first fiddle in terms of usefulness. We’re talking about a cuss collar – a collar that starts to curse as soon as your dog barks.

It almost looks as if the collar is providing some kind of simultaneous translation. And your dog stands there as a bad-tempered grouch who is constantly cursing. What else can Cuss Collar do? Basically nothing at all. So it is explicitly not suitable for weaning your dog from barking. On the contrary: The fun only starts as soon as your four-legged friend makes a sound. With this pet gadget you are sure to get confused looks while walking.

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