Most friendly birds to have as pets

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There is no element of surprise in the fact that a lot of people want to pet a bird that is gentle, well-suited, and friendly enough to be your companion. Honestly speaking, these traits are particularly crucial for individuals who have limited experience with pets. It is because it is usually more accessible for people to bond with an animal or bird that is naturally compassionate, rather than the one who may be aggressive or timid. 


All your pet birds, regardless of the species and behaviour, must be treated as individuals. Still, it is possible to reduce the risk of aggression and biting by selecting a notable species for its friendly and gentle demeanour. 

Here, we are listing out some of the friendliest bird species that you can find. 


Budgerigar enjoys distinct popularity all around the world. Also known as parakeets or budgie, these are indeed one of the best pets to have, certainly for a good reason. If you tame them well, the Budgerigar can be incredibly affectionate and friendly, says Martha, who offers online assignment help and is a Budgerigar mom. They are relatively low-maintenance and tiny in size. They respond well to training and can perform some extraordinarily fun bird tricks. You can even teach them how to talk. 

Overview of the specie

Length of Budgerigar

Six to eight inches

Weight of Budgerigar

One ounce

Physical characteristics

Back – Black and yellow

Abdomen – Green

Head – Yellow

Tail – Dark Blue

Mutations are primarily gray, white, yellow, and blue.


The Cockatiel is a highly captivating bird , which is an excellent choice for anyone who desires an affectionate and friendly pet. Cockatiel hails from Australia and is an excellently friendly pet. Jennifer, who offers online python homework helpservices at TAE, says that she hand-feeds her Cockatiel just like a baby. Well, it results in the formation of impeccably friendly pets. Do ensure that they are raised in a positive environment. Though they do not communicate or speak, regardless of that, it is an intelligent bird. Some of the Cockatiel learn to mimic some household noises, such as microwaves, doorbells, and telephones. They can also whistle very well. 

Overview of the specie

Length of Cockatiel

Twelve to thirteen inches

Weight of Cockatiel

Three ounces

Physical characteristics

Body – Gray

Face and crest – Yellow

Cheeks – Orange

They have a long tail. 

Mutations are primarily cinnamon, lutino, albino, and pied. 


For people who prefer a friendly, affectionate, and large bird, the perfect bird choice is a cockatoo , says Raina, who offers the best product management courses.These beautiful birds bond very well with the people taking care of them. The good thing about cockatoo is that they enjoy being around their caretakers as often as possible. You must give your bird some time and socialize with them. The bird can become depressed if you do not provide adequate attention to them. When depressed, they may resort to destructive behaviors and feather plucking. 

Overview of species

Length of Cockatoo

18 inches

Weight of Cockatoo

Sixteen to twenty-six ounces

Physical characteristics

Mainly white plumage

Wings and tail– Pale yellow

Crest – Large white

Beak – Black

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaws are the gentle giants, and are the largest of all parrots, says Hannah, who offers online economics homework help at EduWorldUSA.These are friendly and pleasant birds. They love nothing more than spending time cuddling and playing with their owners. Given their size, it can be difficult for many people to provide appropriate housing for these birds. However, the people who can cater to the needs are well-rewarded with a great relationship with their lovely feathered friend. 

Overview of species

Length of Hyacinth Macaw

40 inches

Weight of Hyacinth Macaw

Forty-two to fifty-one ounces

Physical characteristics

Solid blue plumage

Yellow patches around beak and eyes

Feet – Dark gray

Beak – Black


You might not think of a dove as a naturally friendly pet, but your pet, the hand-fed dove, will always be gentle and sweet. These birds do not bite, and even the people who do not have much experience with the birds will find it relatively easier to bond and train them. Doves love their companionship with the caretakers, but they are not overly demanding of the attention. 

Overview of species

Length of Dove

11 to 13 inches

Weight of Dove

Five to eight ounces

Physical characteristics

 Plumage of browns and dull grays

Black collar around the nape of the neck

Beak and eyes – Black

Mutations comprise white, pied, and orange 


Parrotlets are both spunky and relatively easy to care for. They are known for having a personality that is much larger than their little body. If you are thinking of owning parrotlet, you should have adequate time to socialize and play with them. Improper or infrequent handling can make them wild. However, people who bond and interact with their parrotlets form a strong bond with them. 

Overview of species

Length of parrotlet

Four to five inches

Weight of parrotlet

One ounce

Physical characteristics

Body – Green

Head – Green 

Back and eyes – Blue on the back and behind the eyes

Mutations comprise white, yellow, and blue

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