How to Write a Good Article about Birds?

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Almost every student sooner or later faces the need to write an article. We are often asked how to write an article to be published. Someone wants to become more famous in the industry, someone wants to share interesting experiences and thoughts with colleagues, many want both. All these goals are worthy, on one condition: the article is good. Today we’ll show you how to write a good text about birds , what to do, and why. And at the same time, we will explain which article we consider good.

Choose a Good Topic

Before writing the first letter of your article, always think about who it is for. Does it correspond to the main idea of ??your resource and other articles posted on it? If you still have difficulties with this, then just buy an essay paper. This will give you a good start and an example of what your subsequent articles should look like. In addition, conduct a survey among readers to better understand their preferences and interests. If you want to expand the range of topics of your resource, then do it carefully and with an eye on the reaction of readers. We have prepared some good themes for you:

Write about Rare Birds

People have long admired these wonderful natural creations. These cute creatures are much more amazing than any newest gadget, or any other technology you can get from the store. Our today’s heroes are an integral part of the ecosystem, we have already written about the rarest animals in the world. Today we are not talking about plants or flowers. On the contrary, these creatures help to spread the seeds of plants and promote the growth of vegetation on Earth.

You can write about the Great Indian Bustard, which has been spotted in the desert plains, small plains and semi-arid regions of these areas. These birds became extinct due to continuous hunting for them and excessive amounts of pesticides. Or write about the frigates from Christmas Island, which cannot swim and walk normally, but they fly great!

Write about Poultry

Several species of birds have been domesticated by humans for the purpose of obtaining eggs, meat, feathers, and down from them, as well as for use in religious rituals and for entertainment. There are 4 main types of poultry: chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. Poultry is early ripening, has high productivity and fertility. Poultry breeds differ in weight and constitution into the light and heavy. So, chickens of light breeds reach sexual maturity (that is, they are able to lay eggs and give offspring) already at 4.5-5 months of age, and chickens of heavier breeds – at 5.5-6 months of age. Turkeys, ducks, geese can reach sexual maturity at the age of 8-10 months, but in conditions of home breeding and keeping, they are usually born only in early spring when the natural day length reaches 12-14 hours. Interesting facts, isn’t it?

Write about Plumage Functions

The feather is a cutaneous horny formation that appeared in the course of evolution. The presence of feather cover is characteristic exclusively of birds of all species. The plumage is a unique creation of nature.

It performs many functions: it enables the bird to fly, protects the skin from mechanical damage, performs a water-protective and thermoregulatory function. Feathers, or rather their color, serves in birds to attract the opposite sex. The color of the plumage is given by the main pigment – melanin. Scientific and educational!

Make a Rough Outline of the Article

If you are not a professional writer or journalist, no big deal. Don’t hesitate and start writing now. After all, you are just gaining experience. Over time, editorial notes and reader comments will help you avoid mistakes and make you more professional. Before you start, make at least a rough outline of the article – an introduction, body, and conclusion. Think about what you will write in each of them.

Edit your Article

After the final point, pause and do other things. Then open your work and try to read it through the eyes of another person. Cut off the excess, simplify the complex, emphasize the main thing. Also, pay attention to grammar and spelling.

Summing up

I must say right away – if you have not written before, or have written a little, or are used to writing texts for robots, not people (which is now quite common) – do not expect that you will write a masterpiece on the fly. And if you have been writing for several years, there is always something to improve and where to develop. To do this, always analyze your articles, look for both weaknesses and strengths in them. Get rid of the weak, strengthen the strong. I wish you success!

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