How to Keep Your New Dog Entertained Indoors

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We love our fur babies so much that all we want to do is to cuddle and feed them all day long. That is why we end up giving them a “too comfortable to be good” life and forget that they are natural scavengers.

Dogs irrespective of their age, size or breed are more or less curious and love to explore. Although a good pet shelter like Puppy Heaven provides healthy dogs, they must be active to satisfy their curious traits. 

However, if you are one of those who have less time to take your dog out for their exploration session, here is your solution.

10 innovative and active ways to entertain your dog indoors.  These 10 easy but innovative ways can keep your dog active and help stimulate their energy and brain development. 

1. Make them practice obedience training

You must be one of them who says “Aw, you’re so smart,” to your dog every time they do something. However, just giving their paws or putting their snout inside your fingers is not enough smartness. You must engage your puppy in practising some more obedience and manners training.

2. Arrange a “Find the treats” game for them

You can create games to hide small treats mindfully and train them to find those. Such games can significantly stimulate their brain development and keep them active.

3. Give them their favourite stuffed Kong

Stuffing Kong’s are the best to keep them active and engaged for some time. You can simply put their favourite treats in it and make them do the hard work for it. Thus, your dog will not only stay physically active but learn to earn their treats.

4. Play the reward game at the end of a task

Engage your dog in some activities and give small treats at the end, or you can even give the cuddle-hungry soul some pat. This way, they will not only be active but get the essence of your compassion and love with the reward for completion of the task.

5. Create a set of obstacle courses indoor

If you cannot take your little pupper out for the adventure, you can still create the fun without going outdoors. You can simply set up smaller obstacles and create a set-up for your dog to play and learn new trick tricks.

6. Play hide and seek or tug of war

Killing the boredom for your dog can become so easy when their master plays with them. You can play hide and seek with your dog as it loves to smell you and find you out the best. In addition, you can play tug of war with it which helps it stay physically active and proves its strength to you.

7. Teach them to help with household chores

Dogs are not just to cuddle or look aesthetic but they have a lot more utility than you may imagine. You can teach your dog to do small household things like holding things or bringing things to you to help you with chores. It can significantly help their brain development and be smarter and more obedient to make other pet owners jealous.

8. Indoor mazes or puzzles are the best

Maze is the most fun thing in my opinion. It can be a simple treat to your eye and a stress buster to see those innocent minds get caught and do funny stuff. However, it feels even better when they solve the maze and puzzle with their smartness and make you feel proud.

9. Play the “Fetch your toy” game with them

The old good way to keep them active is to take their favourite toy and throw it away to let them bring it back to you. If you are already familiar with pets, you must know that this is one of the favourite games of dogs. They often bring their toy to you indicating you to throw it and bring it back on your command. 

10. Teach your furry baby a new trick

Even if they are smart enough to always live up to your expectations and make you feel proud, there is no harm in learning new tricks. You can always make your fur baby learn a new trick to keep them active and entertained.

Keep those paws movin’

As I said earlier, pets are not for showcasing purposes, especially when it is smart animals like dogs. So, it is better to keep them active and entertain for faster brain development. Start these 10 effective ways as early as possible to keep those paws moving. Thus, they learn more and become smart and fit to make you a proud dog mama or dad.

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