How to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Summer Days

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1. Make Sure There Is Shade Available

Typically, temperatures in the shade are far lower than they are in the sun. Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, you can still provide shade by putting up an awning or using a shade tent. You can find a wide range of backyard tents, awnings, and canopies at just about any home improvement store. 

Typically, these accessories are quick and easy to set up and can provide a shady area in an instant. For other options to keep your dog cool take a look at

2. Take Your Dog Swimming – Just Make Sure to Use A Cautious Approach

One of the fastest ways for a dog to cool off is by going swimming in a pond, lake, or swimming pool. It is important to be aware, however, that cooling your dog off too quickly can be problematic. If your dog is extremely hot or if they are nearing the point of developing heatstroke, cooling off their skin too quickly could cause the organs inside their body to get even hotter.

To prevent this problem, introduce your dog to the water slowly. Dogs have unique feet that help regulate the temperature of their bodies. You can take advantage of this by having your dog put his feet in cold water for a few minutes before going deeper. If you can, keep track of his body temperature using a thermometer. If you are using a rectal thermometer, watch for the temperature to reach 103°F or lower.

Even if you don’t live close to a lake or pool, you can use a small kiddie pool filled with water from your hose. Having your dog stand in the water can help cool them down significantly. The pads on their feet play a key role in body temperature regulation and are responsible for helping to get rid of excess heat. They also sweat through their foot pads.

3. Generate Air Movement

Turning on a fan to help move the air around can help create a cooler space for your pet. Fans help you feel cooler by promoting evaporation. Keep in mind, however, that dogs don’t sweat like people do. That means that you may have to get them wet before turning on the fan so that they can take advantage of the cooling effect of the evaporation.

4. Experiment with Misting Your Dog

Getting your dog wet with a garden hose is always an option. From a water conservation standpoint, this may not be the best option since it uses a lot more water than necessary. Depending on your dog’s temperament, it also could be a frightening experience. Typically, a better option is to try misting your dog. There are special misters available that are designed to spray a light misting of water over an area. You can find them at just about any store that sells home-improvement supplies. You can even find handheld misters. Typically, these products have a quart-sized water reservoir and a tiny fan that helps spray the mist. They can be used to cool both you and your pet.

5. Try Using A Damp Towel

On hot days, try getting a towel wet and placing it in the freezer until it has a chance to thoroughly cool. You can then apply the towel to your dog to help cool them down. Bags of frozen vegetables can also be put to use when cooling off your dog. Simply apply them to areas like their head or neck. Just make sure not to leave them on the same area too long.

6. Provide Cold Drinking Water

Don’t make your dog drink warm water. Instead, refill their dish frequently with cool, clean water. You may even want to think about throwing a few ice cubes in with their water to help cool it off even more.

7. Give Your Dog Frozen Treats

Most dogs love popsicles or similar frozen treats. If you don’t want to give your dog a lot of sugar, you can also make your own treats using a little bit of beef bouillon and some water. Most dogs really enjoy these frozen delights. 

8. Keep Water with You at All Times

Anytime you are away from home with your dog, make sure that you have enough clean, fresh water available. Try freezing a quart-sized bottle of water and carrying it with you in a cooler. As it thaws, you can pour cold water out of it for your dog to drink.

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