How to Easily Discipline Your Canine Friend

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Are you having problems with your dog’s behavior? Do they disobey, bark at everything that moves, and do things that annoy the living daylights out of you? If this is the case, then it might be time to discipline your dog. There are many ways you can discipline your pet; some work better than others, while some can cause undesired effects. This article will give an insight on how to discipline your dog in such a way that won’t affect their trust in you and will improve their behavior. 

Practice Positive Reinforcement

One of the most effective ways to improve your pet’s behavior is by using positive reinforcement. The idea behind this technique is simple, and many dog trainers swear by it; give your dog a treat whenever they do something that pleases you, for example sitting when commanded. Eventually, the dog will learn what it takes to please you and therefore be more inclined to behave in such a way. If you make treating your dog a regular habit then this can become an excellent way of disciplining them because every time they respond correctly and sit patiently as you pet them and shower them with affection, they will associate negative feelings like guilt and depression with bad behavior instead of good behavior.

Redirect Bad Behavior

If you have a dog that tends to bark at every passerby, then this method might just be what you need. Unleash your dog, take them for a walk and give them something that they only get when out on the street. For example, if your pet barks at other dogs, then you can keep their favorite toy with you at all times whenever you go outside. Then, when they see another dog approach, call their attention to yourself by making eye contact and throwing the toy. As soon as your canine friend starts playing with the ball or tugging at the rope, they will forget about everything else around them, including any barking behavior.

Stay Consistent

One of the things dog owners are most criticized for is not being consistent with their pet’s behavior. If you tell your dog to sit, then that’s what they should do every time without fail until told otherwise. This isn’t a matter of just being firm with your dog, this is about being consistent and using the same methods whenever they have displayed bad behavior. If you don’t give them clear guidelines on what they can or can’t do, then they won’t know how to behave around you.

Remember to be assertive. Believe it or not, dogs are actually very sensitive creatures. This is why they need to know who the boss is around them at all times. When you give them clear guidelines of what pleases you and what doesn’t, then your canine friend will associate negative feelings like guilt and depression with disobeying your commands instead of good behavior.

Feed Your Dog Properly

Do keep in mind that if your pet’s diet consists of certain items such as chocolate, grapes and raisins, moldy food, and even onions then they might become irritable more often than usual which will make it harder for you to discipline them. If their diet is healthy and balanced by providing the right amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates then this should improve their mood dramatically making it easier for you to correct their unpleasant behavior. 

Don’t Use Corporal Punishment

A lot of people choose to discipline their dogs by punishing them with blows to the snout or by pinning them down on the floor. However, corporal punishment is not only cruel, but it can also cause your dog to act out more often than not. 

Punishing your pet inappropriately can be dangerous too; it might cause the canine friend to become violent or depressed. You need to show your dog that you are in control at all times without hurting their feelings or making them feel guilty about their mistakes, which is why positive reinforcement is so important in situations where negative action needs to be taken against misbehaving pets.

When it comes to any type of training, consistency is key, so if you are unable to deal with this on your own, then ask for help from friends or family. If anyone else tries to discipline your dog in any way other than the methods that you use, then it will just cause confusion, which will lead to further problems. Make sure that everyone at home is on the same page when it comes to disciplining your dog, and only involve them in these matters when necessary. If you follow these simple steps, then not only will you improve your pet’s behavior, but also strengthen the bond between the two of you as well as their trust in you as a responsible owner who keeps their best interests at heart. However, remember that every dog breed has its own temperament, so you might need to adjust the methods described here accordingly.

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