How To Attract More Hummingbirds To A Feeder

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Hummingbirds love to migrate. They’ll make ANY place with a continuous supply of food, water, and nectar their home.

You can surely attract them and encourage them to stay in your garden by following the tips below!


Color It Red

Hummingbirds are scientifically proven to be extremely attracted to the color red.

By adding brightly-red colored things such as ribbons, garden ornaments, and even just painting your garden red, you can attract twice as many hummingbirds as you usually get.

Improve Your Feeder

Have Multiple Feeders

If you want to attract a lot of hummingbirds, you need a lot of feeders.

Since you need to buy about 4-5 of them, you can purchase budget-priced feeders that will do the job, try one of these products to get the best results! 

Position Your Feeders

Provide Gaps

Hummingbirds are excessively territorial. So if you don’t want to see them fighting over your feeder or having bully birds discouraging other birds, you shouldn’t hang all your feeders close to each other.

Find the Perfect Place to Hang Them

Hummingbird feeders should never be placed near or in direct sunlight. So your feeders should be hung in places that get the most shade in order to avoid mold growth. 

However, it is also a good idea to find a shady place that still catches some sunlight, this will make the feeder more attractive by reflecting its color. 

Keep it Clean

A feeder that is not properly maintained can develop mold inside and spread diseases.  

You can ensure your feeders ’ cleanliness by using hot water and vinegar or a brush to scrub the tough stains every other week. 

To keep your feeder’s content fresh, only put the right amount of nectar. You shouldn’t fill your feeder to the brim. People normally fill their feeders halfway or less to avoid any waste.

Also, replace the nectar every 3-5 days with a freshly made nectar and keep it away from direct sunlight as nectar spoils quicker when placed under direct sunlight.

Don’t Buy Nectar

There are multiple studies that prove that hummingbirds are more attracted to homemade nectar than the preserved factory-made ones. 

You can make homemade nectar by mixing sugar and water with a 1:4 ratio, boil it for 2 to 3 minutes and refrigerate. That’s all!

You should NEVER use food coloring or any other sweetener when making nectar. 

Nectar is naturally clear and barely has scent, so adding sweeteners and food coloring to it will dismay the hummingbirds. Aside from that, these ingredients are harmful to them and could make them sick, especially honey. 

Specialize Your Garden

Your garden itself could be a great attraction for hummingbirds. 

But if you make your garden more attractive, there will be a high chance that hummingbirds aren’t the only creatures you’ll be attracting but rodents, too, such as squirrels.

And it’s not so easy to maintain a garden with fresh feeders and blooming flowers if rodents keep destroying them. 

It’s best to know how to prevent them from coming to your garden in order to provide safety for the birds and avoid any damage to your garden. 

Plant Bright, Colorful And Flowers Full Of Nectar

Hummingbirds have an excessive appetite, and what more could you do for them than providing them with unlimited stocks of their favorite nectar?

Visible flowers with minimal scent and vivid colors are the most attractive to hummingbirds. Your garden could be full of flowers but without those factors, you’re not getting any closer to attracting them, so your choice of flowers really matters.

Flowers such as azaleas, butterfly bushes, mona lavenders, bee balm, foxglove, and morning glories are great options!

Basically any brightly colored tubular flower would do great.

Plant According to the Blooming Schedule

Making sure that your garden is always full of blooming flowers will result in hummingbirds always having a reason to visit you. 

You should plant different flowers with different blooming periods such as ones that bloom early, ones that bloom late, and ones that bloom at just the right time. 

With this, your garden will be blooming all year and it wouldn’t just be good for attracting hummingbirds but also good to have a beautiful place to unwind in at the comfort of your home. 

Supply Them Water

Like all living creatures, hummingbirds have a necessary need for water, even though they feed on nectar which is already liquid.

Providing them a properly maintained birdbath is a great way to attract them

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