How Long To Boil an Egg – Boil an egg in the Microwave

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Do you know how long to boil an egg? Within few minutes you can actually boil eggs; you know that? It’s the best possible dish that is not only prepared within few minutes but it also provides an absolute energy. This article covers all the possible ways in which the eggs are boiled, hard boiled, and soft boiled. You don’t need to hover around and search recipe books for this; rather just stick to the end of the article, and you’ll find your boiling eggs recipe.

How Long to Boil an Egg in the Microwave

How often you boil an egg in a microwave? Does it seem impossible? No, it’s not, certainly an easy job you just have to consider these simple steps. Some people are reluctant to boil eggs in a microwave because they think eggs may explode; however, if this is not your first time with the microwave and if you know exactly how long it takes to boil an egg in a microwave then everything seem to be straightforward. Nothing goes wrong!

Step 1: Place a microwave-dish with as much quantity of water as in which eggs are easily dipped (at least inch underwater). Do not put eggs into water. Switch to the full boil.

Step 2: Add a tablespoon of vinegar and salt. This is a unique way of preventing eggs from cracking. Some people create a tiny hole in the eggs in order to prevent them from exploding.

Step 3: Now is the right time to place eggs in water by pulling out a microwave dish. Don’t forget to cover the eggs with an aluminum foil for it does not allow the microwave frequency to penetrate. Besides, cover the eggs properly so that no part shall be exposed. It’ll take relatively more time to heat the egg since it’s covered. Cover the dish to retain heat inside.

Step 4: Place a dish back to the microwave and switch the oven on a medium-heat mode. Take a stop watch and note down the time. It’ll take 8 – 10 minutes for hard boil egg; while the soft boil eggs only take 5 – 6 minutes max. Peel it and eat it with a salt and black pepper for it’s time to enjoy! You can well imagine now as how long to boil an egg in the microwave.

Remember! Sometimes, it so happens that water sloshes out of the mug or a container. In this case, it would be rather better to turn down the heat. Most people use mugs for boiling which is not so good; use microwave rice cooker instead to get best results.


How long to boil an Egg - Boiled Eggs
Boiled Eggs

How Long to Boil an Egg – Hard Boiled Egg

You don’t need to be a chef for cooking hard boiled eggs. All you need is to follow these simple steps to ensure an appropriate process of boiling.

Step 1: First of all you need a saucepan to place it over a stove.

Step 2: Pour water into the saucepan in a quantity that can completely submerge an egg. At least the eggs should be dipped one inch from the surface. Normally, half-filled saucepan can do it.

Step 3: Let the water be boiled and the normal time of its boiling is 4 – 5 minutes. It’s better to cover the stove so that it’ll take less time to boil.

Step 4: When bubbles start coming to the surface, put the egg (or eggs) into it and note down the time.

Step 4: After 10 minutes time, the egg (or eggs) will be fully hard boiled.

Step 5: Place these eggs on a plate or tray and peel it right away (though it’s hot) for it’s easier to peel an egg right after when it’s boiled.

You see, how long did it take to boil an egg? You’re only 10 minutes away! Do it Now!

Remember! Never put too many eggs in a saucepan for they can crack all together.


How long to boil an egg - Soft Boiled Egg
Soft-Boiled Egg

How Long to Boil an Egg for a Runny Yolk?

While you know how much time it takes for a hard boiled egg; recipe for soft boiled egg is no different. You just have to follow the above procedure in the similar way but with one variation that is timing. In case of hard boiled egg you needed 8 – 10 minutes, whereas in this case you only have to wait for 5 – 6 minutes. Do not overcook it and don’t undercook it either. Serve it or enjoy it by yourself. That’s it! Now you don’t really need to consult any recipe book to know how long to boil an egg for a runny yolk. Isn’t that really simple?

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