Hidden Facts That All Bird Owners Should Know

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Birds are a unique type of pet that offers a different kind of companionship than that of a cat or a dog. They might not be quite so fluffy, but they are keenly intelligent animals. This intelligence means that you can teach them tricks and even talk to them in some circumstances.

However, there are always going to be some facts that even the most avid bird lover does not know. This article will look at some of the more obscure facts about birds . Read on to see how many you know.

Their Pupils Tell All

A bird’s behavior may not always indicate how it is feeling. Birds can sometimes lash out for no reason, and many owners are left scratching their heads as to why. However, every species of bird has a similar response to danger, and you can use this information to know whether it is safe to approach.

Most mammals will enlarge their pupils when they feel threatened. This behavior allows more light to get to the brain so that you can act accordingly. Unfortunately, birds are the complete opposite. Their pupils will be enlarged when they are content but shrink down when preparing to bite something they presume is a threat. Another way to tell if a bird is happy is by listening to the click of its beak.

Birds Are Routine Creatures

Humans get into a specific routine because we all have jobs to get to and tasks to complete. A break in this routine can make us irritable, and it can take a while to re-establish a set of behaviors. 

While birds do not have anywhere to be, they too react this way to a break in their routine. It is important to feed them, play with them, and send them to bed at the same time each day to avoid irritability or stress.

They Are Always Concerned About Predators

The behaviors mentioned above have evolved over thousands of years to help them hunt for prey. However, most of the behaviors exhibited by a bird have been cultivated to avoid predators.

If you let your bird out of its cage, you may find yourself wondering why do birds fly in circles? You can learn about it in depth when you click here; however, the short answer is that they do so to confuse their predators. A predator is less likely to be able to catch them if they cannot predict where the bird is going to land, and so they will give up and move on to easier prey. You will also notice that birds are more likely to exhibit this behavior in a large group. This is because it is harder for predators to see multiple birds flying in this unpredictable formation.


Birds can sometimes seem like hard pets to predict. Those of you that keep birds as pets will know that they are friendlier than most people assume, and now you know more about why they act the way they do. Caring for a bird isn’t hard, and you will find that they are a great pet once you know how to treat them.

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