Five Unique Jobs Only Dogs Can Do

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People have been utilizing dogs for the last four thousand years in different forms, including some outstanding jobs. So this best friend or companion is a multi-talented animal, withholding the ability to perform those jobs that no other can perform. This guide will go through five unique jobs that only dogs can do.

Airport safety job

The first and foremost unique job is airport safety by dogs that we hear from childhood. Dogs are specially trained for this job; why only dogs are selected for this rather than others? The answer is simple, their extraordinarily strong sense is 10,000 to 100,000 more powerful than humans. Their nose holds about three hundred million olfactory receptors that are much more extraordinary than six million human receptors. Further, recent research has shown that a dog’s smelling sense is so strong as it can detect a rotten apple in 2 million barrels, so finding any smuggling at the airport is a hundred times easier with trained dogs. After knowing these facts, you’ll clearly understand how significant they are, mainly regarding security issues.

A dog is used to check suspected luggage or other places in an alarming situation. Second, their faster speed, even some of them have the capability of beating a Cheetah. Greyhound’s fastest breed of 45mph speed prevents airport roads from bird strikes by running behind them and clearing the runway path.

Pinpointing Criminals Job

Many European countries use dogs against pinpointing criminals using their extraordinary smelling sense. Scent Lineup K9s is one of the best examples of finding criminals’ routes, as the state police train this dog for this purpose. Scent Lineup K9s even hold the ability to find their target with blind eyes.

Pest Detection job

Another fantastic and unique job that dogs performed was pest detection. Primarily, dogs are trained to sniff out different pests like bed bugs from various public places. Research showed that usually, there is a 97.5 percent ratio of success when dogs are used to detect pests and sniff them.

Ocean Clean Up Job

Black Labrador Lila is a particular type of dog that can clean the ocean excellently. As it trained for two years, Lila learned to dive fifteen feet down while holding her breath and catching lobsters.

Tennis Ball retrieving job

Some species of dogs, such as Frida and Isabelle, can retrieve tennis balls during matches. A complete course or training is given to these dogs that make it possible to get the ball back to the match in no time.

Wrap Up

Here we end up with a conclusion that different dog species are trained for performing various unique jobs that no other pet animal can perform. It shows that the best friend and companion (dogs) are not only for playing but are also valuable for security and cleanliness purposes. Learn more about dogs by visiting

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