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This article illustrates some of the useful and unknown facts about toucans. Toucans are one of the most colorful and unorthodox birds . These birds belong to the family of Ramphastidae from Neotropics. These birds comprise of 40 several species. There were few stipulations that were assumed by the primitive naturalists regarding toucans that they were carnivorous; however, recent biologists are very much confident that toucans feed mostly on fruits rather than fish or squid. Toucans have short but strong legs. Nearly all toucans do not display colors dimorphism. The females have shorter and deeper bills in comparison to the males. They have normally black hair with few markings of yellow, white and scarlet.

Facts about Toucans

  1. The weight of the toucans measure around 130 g (4.6 oz).
  2. These birds are 29 cm (11.5 in) long.
  3. The weights differ significantly as we speak over various species; the weight of the Toco Toucan is about 680 g (1.5 lb), with the length of 63 cm (29 in).
  4. It has a larger bill in comparison to the surrounding birds.
  5. Toucans have a rounded tail which is almost half of the toucans’ body.
  6. These birds have a short and thick neck.
  7. They usually spend most of their time in forests with or without flying.
  8. These birds are not considered to be the great migratory birds in that they apt to travel short distances.
  9. They have strong legs.
  10. Two of the four toes being turned backward.
  11. There is no significant difference between males and females with regard to their coloration and plumage.
  12. The females have relatively shorter and straighter bills.
  13. The colors of feathers are a combination of white, black, and yellow.
  14. In few species, the bill is even larger than its own body length.
  15. They don’t need to stretch out their body in order to reach any nearby fruits; thereby conserving a considerable amount of energy.
  16. One of the unique merits of having a large bill is that toucans can easily penetrate into the tree hole to take out the foodstuff.
  17. The length of the tongue is 14 – 15 cm (6 in) and its color is grey.
  18. The toucans are capable to touch their heads with the tails, which is seen practically seen when toucans asleep.
  19. They usually fight with each by using their large bills.
  20. Toucans are believed to be the close relatives of woodpeckers, barbets, piculets, honeyguides, and wrynecks since they all belong to the same group.
  21. The length of the bills is 19 cm (7-5 in).
  22. The average lifespan of toucans is 20 years.
  23. These birds are sociable birds .
  24. They incubate (keeping warm) eggs for 14 days. Both parents are responsible for the incubation process.
facts about toucans

Facts about Toucans Breeding

  1. The females lay 2 to 4 eggs in the nests during breeding season.
  2. Sometimes, they build their nests from the thrown-away nests of other birds such as woodpeckers.
  3. Toucans are customarily found in flocks and not alone.

Toucans Habitat

These birds are the resident of South America, Mexico, and Caribbean. Normally, they are found in the subtropical and tropical regions.

What do Toucans Eat?

  1. Most people aren’t aware as to what actually do toucans eat! Well, facts about toucan’s diet demonstrate readily the real insight about the bird’s diet.
  2. One of the primary diets of toucans is fruits which they really akin to.
  3. These are the opportunistic feeders.
  4. Toucans are carnivorous and they feed on small insects, and lizards.
  5. These birds build smaller sized nests.
  6. Toucans regularly take in proteins.

Toucans Predators

Some of the notable predators of toucans include wildcats, dogs, jaguars, snakes, hawks, eagles, pumas, and climbing rodents.

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