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Facts about birds for kids are quite interesting to read in particular for fervent children who usually have a keen desire for knowing about amazing facts about birds. Birds are the magnificent creation of nature and it has bestowed upon them some significant and eye catching abilities and features. Generally, birds possess beautiful plumage and unlike mammals, they also lay eggs and are warm blooded. When it comes to different bird species, you’ll find out just about 10,000 different types of birds across the globe. Not all of them can fly and birds that cannot fly are known as flightless birds like penguins and ostriches.

  • According to experts, the evolution of birds stem from the therpod (beast footed) dinosaurs.
  • With the help of vacant skeleton, they are able to soar into the air because the weight of plumage is more than its bones.
  • They do not munch their food since birds have no teeth.
  • When birds fly in the air by making ‘V’ shape, it allows them to squirrel away their vigor.
  • More than 70% of all the birds living in their natural habitat pass away under the age of 6 months.
flying brown pelicans - facts about birds for kids
Brown pelicans flying

Interesting And Most Amazing Facts About Birds

Flightless birds

  • The biggest known flightless bird is ostrich and is also the quickest bird that can sprint at a rate of 60 miles per hour. Not only this, ostrich has to its credit the largest egg too.
  • The magnitude of ostrich brain is less than the size of its eye.
  • Kiwi bird is by far one of the rare birds that are in danger of extinction. Unlike other birds, they are only found in New Zealand.
  • Kiwi bird is the only bird that has no wings.


  • One of the amazing facts about birds is that hummingbird is capable to soar toward the back.
  • Bee hummingbird is certainly the tiniest bird across the globe with the entire span of almost 7 centimeters.
  • In a minute, the heart rate of hummingbird may extend to about 1,260 times.
  • Almost 80% of the entire species of birds reside in the same place where they are while the remaining birds are called migrating birds and voyage hundreds of thousands of kilometers from their home. Thus, it is one of the useful facts about birds for kids.
  • Having more than 70% of water inside the body, fowl is definitely a unique bird in its features.


  • Macaw is the biggest parrot specie with the lifespan of about 70 years. However, the kinds of parrots are roundabout 328 in total.
  • Chocolate may be mouth-watering foodstuff for kids, but they are venomous for parrots. Hence, one of the most important facts about birds for kids.
  • Parrots are widely known for their ability to impersonate human verbal communication. However, grackle is also good in doing so.


  • As compare to the wings of an airliner, eagle has relatively sturdier wings.


  • Pigeons have the capability to spot Ultraviolet rays.
  • The experts believe that pigeons are older than humans and they lived prior to the human creation on earth and form one of the notable facts about birds for kids.
  • Unlike other birds, pigeons make use of their both eyelids in order to bat an eyelid.


  • Woodpecker pecks on a tree at the rate of almost 21 times in a second.


  • When it comes to the quickest flying bird, peregrine falcon is by far the speediest bird with a flying velocity of almost 346 kilometers per hour.


  • Penguins are fine swimmers but when it comes to the quickest swimmer, Gentoo Penguin takes the lead.

Venomous Bird

  • Nestled in New Guinea, Hooded Pitohui is the only bird that has venom in its plumage and body. It is one of the rarely known facts about birds for kids.

Most Ancient Bird

  • Archeopteryx is the most archaic bird in this planet.


  • Pelicans from Australia possess the most elongated beak in all species of birds.


  • The eyesight of hawks is known the best of all since they can track their victim down right from 1.6 kilometers in the air.


  • Crows can impersonate the voices of various animals.

Sooty Tern

  • Sooty tern is known for their elongated flight and they may soar into the air for about 4 years without taking a rest. Therefore, it is one of the incredible facts about birds for kids.

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