Eastern Bluebird Facts For Kids – Eastern Bluebird Diet

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Eastern bluebird facts are something very interesting to read particularly for small brood. Nestled in North America, eastern bluebird is singled out merely on the basis of their distinctive and vibrant shade along with its attention-grabbing sounds. Also known as American bluebirds, they belong to the thrush family and are one of the three species of bluebirds. Even though there is no potential danger for the extinction of Wilson’s bluebird, still the populace of these birds has plunged significantly over the last few years. These birds normally lay just 1 egg throughout the entire year while the birds living on either side of the country like South American birds lay more than one egg.

The way a male common bluebird appeal to its counterpart is extremely fascinating to watch since it catches the attention of the female through coming out of the fissure in regular intervals. Besides, it also flaps its wings in the process and if he does well, female bluebird will do all the construction of the nest. This is a demanding task and requires a lot of patience and skill. She collects several sticks of wild grasslands along with pine tree needles, followed by the process of arrangement to give it a required shape. There can be numerous nests outside every fissure since female eastern bluebird although makes use of a single nest, but fabricate too many.

pair of eastern bluebirds - eastern bluebird facts
Pair of eastern bluebird is preparing the nest

Eastern Bluebird Facts

  • Like any other bird, they also fancy living in open land areas including open jungle, parks and even golf courses.
  • They can key in on their target from a distance of almost 18 meters.
  • It is the formal bird of two American states naming New York as well as Missouri.
  • The size of eastern bluebird is maximum 18 centimeters.
  • The maximum lifespan of Common bluebird is about 6 years. However, the most aged bluebird in the world lived for more than 10 years and thus forms one of the astounding eastern bluebird facts.
  • The Wilson’s bluebirds move in formations of over hundred birds.
  • eastern bluebird - eastern bluebird facts
    Cute little Eastern Bluebird

    Female eastern bluebird has blue shaded wings with a bronzed gullet, foggy top and pallid eye loop. Likewise, the other counterpart possesses vibrant blue upper structure with a carroty esophagus and colorless belly.

  • The number of eastern bluebirds has nosedived considerably and reaching a minimum rate of about 17%. The primary source of their degeneration is the harsh winter conditions over and above detrimental outcomes of insect repellents.
  • There are two mating seasons of eastern bluebirds namely summer as well as winter and the female common bluebird normally lays maximum 5 eggs in one go. Afterwards, they nurture them for about three weeks and if the parents raise two children, one is normally responsible for helping mom and dad in nurturing the other one.

Eastern Bluebird Facts – Eastern Bluebird Diet

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