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Well…! Dodo bird facts might be thoroughly exciting for some people but at the same time they make us unhappy solely because they are now wiped out entirely from this planet and have become one of the extinct birds. The travelers from Portugal were the earliest people who happened to find these endangered species of birds back in 1598. It was right 83 years after their discovery when the existence of the very bird was jeopardized and ultimately ending up in extinction. The final view of this bird was noted in 1662 after which no indications of dodo bird was witnessed. Dodo birds were only restricted toward the Indian Ocean at the isles of Mauritius.

At first, they were not scared of any creature including humans since these birds have virtually zero predators. But by the passage of time, humans turned out to be their enemies who forced them toward extinction. However, this is partly true and ancient records revealed that dodo bird was tasteless and coarse bird to gobble. Therefore, it was quite obvious that in the presence of other mouth-watering birds, eating dodo bird was irrational. The research then pinned down the only predators that were left behind and found out the undomesticated animals became the real cause of their extinction. They used to make away with the dodo bird eggs and devoured the fully developed birds thereby obliterating the territories and generation of dodo bird completely from this globe.

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Dodo Bird Extinction – Dodo Bird Facts

What’s more disturbing about dodo bird facts is that this bird was not vanished on its own rather humans along with animals at the time were the primary source of their extinction. Also known as Raphus Cucullatus, dodo bird extinction was a great setback to the natural worlds. However, it was not realized at the time but later on, its instant nonexistence stunned the world.

Dodo was a flightless bird and was fond of residing in seclusion. Due to the fact that this bird couldn’t fly, they usually find their own ways of perching on land. This is one of the factors behind the dodo bird extinction since they were unable to soar themselves to the nearby isle or a piece of land. As a result, predators in the form of humans and animals further imperiled the existence of dodo birds. Humans in particular, used this beautiful bird for foodstuff and fulfilling other needs. After many decades have passed by since the dodo bird was actually present, no one was able to find out about what was the real appearance of this bird?

How Discoverers Gathered Evidence About Dodo Bird Facts

In olden days, there were absolutely no apparatus to catch the glimpse of dodo bird. That’s why experts relied on hazy sketches and several other bones but still there were no evidence witnessing the existence of the very bird. By the help of diagrams and half bony structure, experts managed to pencil in the picture of dodo bird. With just one skull along with a leg, connoisseurs couldn’t able to figure out completely to which bird these bones refer? However, the mystery of dodo bird was resolved by the breakthrough of the entire body structure of this bird in the year 2007. The discoverers ventured out to find the dodo bird skeleton right inside the dark grottoes and came up with whole body frame of dodo bird. Nevertheless, shade of dodo bird feathers and cinch still remains a figment of our imagination and perhaps it’ll remain as such due to the absence of any evidence.

Rarely Known Dodo Bird Facts

Today, we are left with just a beautiful portrait of this bird and we can only envisage the dodo bird facts without having a glance in reality. Having chubby body structure and a unique-style beak, this bird sounds extraordinary and bears some resemblance to pigeons. The popularity of dodo bird scaled up to a great extent through its introduction in the legendary movie “Alice in Wonderland” and afterwards people came to know about it. We must not rely completely on the portrait since in that era, painters used to inflate the real picture to make it further beautiful. Notwithstanding, dodo bird was by far one of the beautiful birds in the world. With the height of roundabout three feet and a weight of about 22 kilograms, dodo bird is not a petite creature. The fleshy hindquarters of dodo are exquisitely adorned with pallid shade and the legs are quite heavy apparently. As expected, no record of any kind whatsoever is found which may tell us something about the behavioral aspects of this bird but dodo bird facts will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

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