Can Domestic Turkeys Fly – Can Wild Turkeys Fly

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Can domestic turkeys fly is an obvious question particularly for the people of North America. Since turkeys are readily found in this part of the world, so they are more concerned about its flight. While there are some significant differences between wild and domestic turkeys , the latter ones have relatively more significance mainly due to their application on notable events like Thanksgiving. Majority of domestic turkeys are heavy enough to pull their body weight into the air whereas in contrast, wild turkeys can easily fly. For that reason, it becomes out of the question for them to soar high as they are regularly fuelled by some healthy nutrients. In olden times, the indigenous Americans had already tamed turkeys but they were solely used for their quills instead of meat and later on in around 1100 A.D.; they were able to find out yet another useful purpose of these domestic turkeys and started using these birds for dining.[1]

Can Domestic Turkeys Fly – How Can Wild Turkeys Fly

However, turkeys are able to fly generally but only those domestic turkeys take wings that are small and carry less weight. Even though they possess plumage and stretch their wings out but are only used for strolling purposes. Most of the people have domestic turkeys merely for dining purposes and few others hold them just as a choice. As compare to the domestic ones, wild turkeys are relatively more active and vigilant. Not all the domestic turkeys are capable to take wings and that’s why most people baffle by the question about can domestic turkeys fly whereas every wild turkey can because they reside in their natural habitat. This is perhaps due to the distinct physical appearance of both the birds too. What’s more, the domestic turkeys can gather weight up to 40 kilograms due to which the question of can domestic turkeys fly is irrational. These birds have more often than not double the weight of their counterparts. Because of the fact that domestic turkeys cannot fly, they are mostly conserved within a barrier that is wide open. Having said that, a recently conducted study revealed that there are few vivid signs sprang from the biological configuration of domestic turkeys showing us that although they do not fly now, but a long time ago their associates definitely did. [2]

domestic turkeys - can domestic turkeys fly
Three domestic turkeys waiting for the fourth one!

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Avian influenza is a contagious disease that is appeared to have been found in roosters as well as turkeys. This virus may proliferate rapidly if precautionary measures are not undertaken. Therefore, it is essential to keep the expanse dirt free to get rid of the very disease.[3]

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  1. I live in northern Virginia. We now have a flock of about fifteen wild turkeys visiting us! They were nesting/sitting in the tops of our pine trees last night . . .which is to say, about forty feet off the ground! Awesome sight!

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