Can a Bird be an Emotional Support Animal?

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More and more people are seeking the aid of emotional support animals to remedy various non-physical ailments. At the same time, each patient has their own needs and preferences, and for the maximum positive effect on the human condition, the holder of the ESA must feel comfortable with the animal. This raises many questions among animal lovers, such as “Can birds be emotional support animals?” So, in this article, you will learn whether it is possible to have an emotional support bird and what is needed for this.

Animals that can be ESAs

Emotional support animals have an undeniable positive effect on the psyche of their keepers. Many ESA owners claim that animals have helped them cope with clinical depression, PTSD, and anxiety and also significantly influenced their worldview and attitude to life. Therefore, when choosing the ideal emotional support animal, you should listen to your own preferences and wishes.

Unlike service animals, there are no species or breed restrictions for emotional support animals. Therefore, if you need a four-legged partner to help you with a mental disorder, you can choose any animal you like and with whom you feel safe and comfortable. Obviously, the most common types of animals used for consolation and moral strengthening are dogs and cats.

However, smaller species of animals also remain quite popular. For example, rabbits, gophers, guinea pigs, rats, birds, and even snakes can also be emotional support animals.

How to register an emotional support bird?

To get an emotional support bird, you first need to contact a psychologist or psychotherapist to get documentary evidence of your mental disturbance and a recommendation to own an emotional support animal. If according to the specialist, the animal can help you normalize your psychological state, you will receive an ESA letter, which will make you a legitimate ESA owner.

After that, you can go to animal distributors and buy an emotional support bird. If you already have a pet bird that brings relief and consolation , you can register it as an emotional support animal. Discuss this possibility with your therapist because only a professional can issue you the necessary documents.

Moreover, some ESA holders undergo extra registration for animals to receive an ID card or pet tag. These documents serve as supplement confirmation of the animal’s special status.

Emotional support birds registration is necessary to obtain legal protection of ESA rights. Thanks to these documents, you will receive privileges for an animal in the housing field and can reside with ESA in a rented home unit without hindrance and free of charge. What’s more, the ESA’s authorized status guarantees special treatment for the animal in society since it is not a pet but a therapeutic method for humans with mental afflictions.   

Why should you consider birds as ESAs?

Emotional support birds have many benefits for their keepers. For instance, birds can sense human emotions such as anger, stress, tension, and distress, so an emotional support bird can provide timely endorsement to its owner. Moreover, birds do not have a tendency to show aggression at all; on the contrary, they are very sensitive and human-oriented animals. Birds are also very intelligent and can learn words and phrases that will help comfort their holders.

Another undeniable advantage of emotional support birds is their small size. Thanks to this, they do not require much space, and caring for such a companion is much easier. Birds do not require daily walks and additional equipment. For the convenience of dwelling with an emotional support bird, you only need a cage and the right food.

In addition, the small size and the ability to place animals in a cage greatly facilitate the possibility of traveling with a bird. While other animals require permission from the air carrier and additional equipment, like harnesses, muzzles, and pet carriers, birds, in most cases, can be transported safely in their cages.

Thus, birds as emotional support animals are a great option for those who do not have enough free space in their home for large animals. It’s also a great option for people who call for solace and encouragement but don’t have enough time to care for an animal.

The best bird breeds for emotional support

Parakeets, Macaws, Cockatiels, and Doves are often considered the best emotional support birds. All these breeds are distinguished by their high intelligence and human orientation. For example, Parakeets are among the most social bird species and love talking. They can imitate sounds they hear and can learn words and whole phrases. In addition, this species has a close bond with its owner, which is extremely important for emotional support birds.

Another talk-lover is the Macaw. This species loves to be around people and can even maintain a conversation. What’s more, the bright appearance of these birds also positively affects the psychological state of their holder. Cockatiels, unlike other types of parrots, do not know how to speak, but at the same time, they sing very well. In addition, this species loves to be in physical contact with a person and does not mind spending time on the shoulder of its keeper.

A Dove can also be a great emotional support animal. This is a very noble species, distinguished by its intelligence and learnability, and creates much less noise than other species of birds. In addition, it is a great option for those who do not have enough time to care for an animal, as Doves do not require much attention and have a great time alone. 

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