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It goes without saying that it’s hard to find out sometimes bird names for girls especially when you have so many birds available. However, through this article I’ve tried to ease your pain by embedding a bird name list that can be opted to name for the baby girls. People always prefer to give their baby girls unique and attractive names. Well, if you ask me, to choose a girl’s name from the list of birds is a better option. Birds show somewhat resemblance with girls. Back in 1920s, the usage of bird names for girls reached its zenith with 1.39% of girls was named after birds. Since then, the belief lost its popularity.

bird names for girls - A Girl in a Garden
A Girl in a Garden

However, still there are some people who don’t want to give a traditional name to their baby girls.

Amongst many, some of the bird names are relatively popular. Evelyn is one of them. Besides, sometimes nicknames are derived from the birds’ original names and the baby girls are named after these nicknames. Some of these nicknames are birdie, egree (egret)

Bird Names for Girls

Eileen Dola Avis Derora
Chanterelle Avila Diah Ahere
Ega Daya Eibhilin Robin
Egret Heron Nightingale Gannet
Finch Cholena Giona Haiwee
Rosella Swan Wren Weaver
Seagull Linnet Willet Dove
Warbler Shakuntala

 Bird Names List

Huma Jay Faigel Pazi
Huia Palila Sakuna Raven
Partridge Songlark Birdie Loa
Jenna Jarita Phoena Tui
Starling Lynette Zintka Mani Bluebird Vintage
Sparrow Bergit Bertha Apalis
Kestrel Manu Teal Gold crest
Swift Wimbrel

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