Best Worst Reasons to Get a Pet Bird

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The world of pet bird is a friendly one to being a companion. There are about 5.7 million American households keep pet birds, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Not only they are full of personality, but they see colorful and interactive. 

Why should you consider getting a bird? Well, Richard Rowlands, the writer at @AquariumFishCity, share many good and bad things you should consider before adding this new pet to your family.

Cockatoo as a Pet - Do cockatoos make good pets
Cockatoo as a Pet

The Best Reasons 

There are so many reasons to choose a bird as a pet over other animals, such as aquarium fish. Some of these reasons are:

  • With limited space, and limited mobility, perhaps in a Studio flat or small condo, Birds make the ideal Pet .  
  • Its perfect for senior citizens, as they can easily take care of the Bird, even with their limited ability and funds. Yet it provides hours of company in the solitude of the Aged. 
  • It is superb company for isolated, lonely people who have few friends. Talkative or singing Birds are often the best friends for such people, and help drive melancholia away. It is a great cure for Depression.
  • Some Birds have extraordinary life spans. Particularly bird species like the Parrot or the Macaw, can live up to 8o years! In other words, individual Birds or Couples from this species can actually be a lifetime companion. Yet its intelligence and ability for mimicry is so spectacular that it can keep the Owners enthralled for hours.
  • Birds can be very intelligent . They migrate thousands of miles not once, but twice a year, to migrate. They can use tools and even count or choose left from right. These high cognitive skills indicate super intelligence. The reasoning power of some Bird Pets has been likened to that of a seven year old human being!
  • Mimicking is a particular property of the most intelligent Bird Pets. In the wild, Birds may not naturally need this talent too many times, but when in captivity, they use this special talent to enthrall their Owners for hours, and never stop learning.
  • Pet Birds are best suited for stay-at-home families, and provide for continuous engagement, yet are quite inexpensive to keep and feed. 
  • Most Pet birds are self-grooming, and require no intensive grooming or care.
  • Pet Birds are very social animals , and can get to really love their human friends and other fellow birds and animals.

And The Worst

The often-quoted “worst” reasons for keeping Pet Birds are:

  • Pet birds can be very Loud. The bio-environment where they come from needs very loud vocalization to be heard and old habits die hard. This can be found unpleasant in some quiet households.
  • Birds can be very Messy. Unlike a Dog, it is almost impossible to house-train a Pet Bird. 
  • All Birds bite, sometimes just because of insecurity or momentary fright, not because they are short-tempered. The beak is all they have to seek attention from each other, and their friends.
  • The very fact of some Birds having long life can be a curse for some pet owners, and a deterrent for new buyers. The time commitment may be far too much for them.


The Best and Worst Reasons to Get a Pet Bird., must therefore be known to all Pet Lovers beforehand.

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