Are parrots good pets for families with kids?

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The story is usually pretty similar. Your kid sees a parrot in a cartoon or a movie and decides it is his or her biggest dream to own such a pet bird, and children can be quite persuasive. You think the desire for a parrot will pass in time, but it is only getting stronger, so finally, you give up. You sit in front of a computer and look for information, on sites like Pet Place, about this kind of bird. However, before you decide to change your living room for a nest, make sure that a parrot is an appropriate choice for your children’s new pet. Here is all you need to know about the cooperation between little kids and parrots. 

Can parrots be dangerous? 

Every parent should know that parrots can be dangerous. Both large and small species of this bird are still considered wild animals. Even the smallest parrots can injure both children and adults with their beaks and sharp claws, even when they do not mean to. Children can be at risk because of their tendency to move quickly and produce loud noises that could scare a bird. If you are considering a parrot as a pet for your kid, it is recommended that you don’t allow the two of them to interact without your close supervision.

Space and maintenance

Another thing to consider is whether you have enough space for a parrot and time to take good care of the bird. It turns out that parrots can be quite messy and take up a lot of space. By nature, parrots create a mess when they are eating and playing. Many times this kind of behavior is not a problem for children, but their parents simply cannot overlook it. If your kid wants a pet parrot, he or she needs to understand that the bird’s cage will need to be cleaned at least every other day to keep the parrot from getting sick. Now, that is a lot of responsibility, so make sure you have the time to take care of the bird . Proper hygiene is necessary for parrots to stay healthy and stop any kind of disease from spreading to both the bird and the children. Also, remember that parrots need large cages and lots of space to exercise and play, so if you have a small apartment, getting a parrot might not be the most fabulous idea out there.

The cost of getting a parrot

Parrots can be on the expensive side when it comes to pets. Again, children typically don’t consider money as one of the aspects of their decision-making process, so it’s not difficult for them to look past the cost of caring for a pet. You should be aware that parrots normally cost quite a bit, but the costs of a proper cage can also run quite high. When thinking about costs, consider also paying for a visit to an avian veterinarian that can cost hundreds of dollars if your bird needs treatment. If you consider yourself living above average when it comes to finances, then getting a parrot will be a cost you won’t regret. 

A lifetime of a parrot

If you want to get a pet that will stay with your family for quite some time, a parrot could be an excellent idea. Parrots can live for an extended amount of time so that you don’t have to see your children suffering from the loss of a pet friend anytime soon. If you want to make a commitment to a pet with a longer than average lifespan , parrots are the way to go. These birds can actually live for up to 50 years or even more when you take good care of them. The decision to adopt a parrot is, for sure, one that should be taken seriously. 

Top 3 breeds of parrots for children

There are some species of parrots that are more children -friendly than others. It will save you a lot of worries and trouble to choose one of them. The safety and ease of maintenance are what we are looking for. If you want a parrot for your kid, consider:

  • Meyer’s parrot – one of the quieter kinds. A calm parrot that is perfect for your children.
  • Blue headed pionus – sweet, reasonably quiet, and they rarely bite, which makes them an ideal kind of parrot for kids.
  • Parakeet – a highly smart breed of parrots that has quite the vocabulary. It will make an excellent pet for slightly older children.

Any of the breeds mentioned above is an idea worth considering if you want to make your children’s dream come true. 

Adopting or purchasing a parrot is a significant decision for a family. Make sure you are prepared for a new addition to the household, do your research, and buy the perfect little friend for your kids. Parrots can be a human’s best friend!

Pets can have an amazing effect on kids – and especially kids with special needs.If you’re a parent of a child with special needs, read on for more useful resources: 

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