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Majority of people ask about are birds mammals and if they’re not then what are they? The primary reason that lies behind this question is that most of us are not familiar with the distinctive elements that are indispensable while considering an animal as mammal. That’s why they get baffle whenever the words ‘birds’ or ‘mammals’ come into action.

Well…Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? Obviously no! Therefore, birds cannot become mammals since mammals have to feed their babies through milk plus they also have fleece on their body. These are the part and parcel ingredients that should be present in animals to be called as mammals. Besides, birds are warm-blooded and unlike mammals, they lay eggs too.

Are Birds Mammals – What Are Birds And Difference Between Birds And Mammals

Although few of them are flightless birds but still the entire body of all the bird species is enveloped with plumage. Some people confuse the plumage of birds with hair due to which sometimes they call few birds as mammals. But it is not true, plumage cannot become fleece or hair and neither can birds feed their babies with milk. In order to feed babies, mammals give them milk in the initial stages because all of them have mammary glands that produce milk. However, birds simply nourish their young ones through providing them the required food through their own mouth.

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Birds have beautiful plumage instead of fur

Though there are some distinguishing differences between birds and mammals, still people think and wonder about are birds mammals. Unlike mammals, birds have relatively vacant bones that help them soaring in the air plus they also lay eggs. Besides, birds also make use of their plumage in order to manipulate the warmth inside body structure which is also nothing like mammals. Apart from bats, majority of mammals usually do not have wings to fly while instead they possess hands. Unlike mammals, birds possess nucleus inside RBS. Even though birds and mammals both own an organ named larynx but only mammals use the very organ in order to generate voice.

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